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June 2021




We want respect, better wages, better pensions

In this edition, we listen to the voices of women at Antistatique and take a look at gender inclusiveness in design.

The place of women in video games

ListenThe place of women in video games [FR]

Game Spectrum is a free and independent documentary program on video games and their relationship to the world. This episode focuses on women in video game production.

Did this website just assume my gender?

GenderDid this website just assume my gender?

An article about best and worst practices of online gender identification in UX design.

Anna 1971

LearnAnna 1971

RTS (the Swiss national television) is releasing an interactive fiction that allows you to relive the struggle for women's suffrage in Switzerland. Made by DNA Studio. Have you tried it?


Point of view


Gender and design

Last week, with the design team, we participated in a debate with a student about the notion of gender in the design practice. We started by asking ourselves how inclusive we are in our deliverables and more broadly in the company.

Some customers already work on gender inclusiveness, but we want to go further by using more inclusive personas, illustrations and pictures in our mockups.

At Antistatique, we already have rules to support gender equality. For instance, the salary scale is identical regardless of gender and we are in the process of implementing inclusive writing for our communication.

We are aware that we still have a lot of work to do to improve on this matter. We took the first steps with an open mind and motivation!

- Tiphaine

Thank you Émilie for this very interesting debate and good luck on your journey.


June 2021

Women at Antistatique like

Kazuki Noda

Portfolio • Kazuki Noda

Beautiful animations for this Japanese portfolio. - Iris


Game • GRIS

An game released in 2018 that I discovered last month where graphics and music are simply beautiful - Karen

Retraites sauvages

Retreat • Retraites sauvages

Women's retreat, a break from the urban life in natural areas - Laura


TV show • Inside Pixar

Each episode is an interview with the creators and designers at Pixar - Mélanie

Pépites club

Comics • Pépites club

“I love reading comics and graphic novels” - Sedona


Object • Porcelain bike

“A really nice bike!” - Tiphaine

Ciro Trattoria Gourmet

Food • Ciro Trattoria Gourmet

A delicious restaurant close to our Geneva office - Sasha

Rise Against

Music • Nowhere Generation

Rise Against's new album - Noémie

Meg Wayne

Illustration • Meg Wayne

The YouTube channel of an illustrator who does isometric illustrations and drives us through her process - Emma


Quote of the month

"Equality and sorority"




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