Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, and her party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) are the big winners of the country’s general election. As Sofia Ammassari and I discuss in our article, the result represents two historic firsts: Meloni is going to be Italy’s first woman prime minister, and hers will be the first far-right majority government in Western Europe since the end of the Second World War.

Meloni’s result marks a new point in my own history of following Italy. From being an undergraduate Irish exchange student in Trieste in the mid-1990s and watching the rise of a tycoon-turned-politician Silvio Berlusconi, I ended up living well over a decade in the country and writing books about the fortunes of the Italian right-wing coalition. Until recently, they had produced a series of Berlusconi-led populist centre-right governments with a far-right edge. Now, however, the pendulum has swung and Italians will soon be living under a far-right populist government with a centre-right edge.

As Sofia and I explain, this will have some elements of continuity on economic and foreign policy, but may also bring in change.

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Duncan McDonnell

Professor of Politics

What will its first far-right leader since WWII mean for Italy?

Sofia Ammassari, Griffith University; Duncan McDonnell, Griffith University

Italy will have its first woman prime minister. And both Italy and Western Europe will have their first far-right majority government since the fall of Mussolini and the end of the Second World War.

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