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Note from Jo

It’s our birthday! The Conversation UK is ten years old today.

It is incredible to think that when we first launched with a pilot of seven editors huddled in a small rooftop office, that we would now be celebrating over 1 billion reads, 26 editors around the country and over 90 supporting universities across the UK and Europe.

When I first joined The Conversation I knew it was something special that I wanted to be a part of – a publication that drew stories from the exciting world of research, spanning everything from the very latest evidence about our health and climate change, to space science and seismic political movements. And we really showed what our unique collaboration with academics could do during COVID, the biggest pandemic to hit humanity in recent times.

In media circles there is often talk of tackling a growing news fatigue, and in a world facing numerous challenges that at times can feel overwhelming, The Conversation seeks to produce inspiring stories that always look towards a better place and which think differently about the world. And it wouldn’t be the same without those quirky stories that only happen when great minds tackle interesting problems, including this piece on using maths to model the male orgasm. Other highlights in your newsletter today: a dive into whether reusable nappies are actually greener than disposable and whether a “theory of everything” (and a game with a pack of cards) can ever be used to explain the entirety of our universe.

Our mission is to share as much of this amazing work as we can, for free, and we couldn’t do that without all our supporters. So thank you for reading, sharing our content, signing up to our newsletters, and donating what you can – and if you haven’t yet, you can do that here. In return we will also send you special newsletters with the inside track on what we’re doing and special e-books, including our most recent one on Joy.

We are on a mission, thank you for joining us.

Jo Adetunji


Getting too excited can stop men from orgasming – but there’s a solution

Konstantin Blyuss, University of Sussex; Yuliya Kyrychko, University of Sussex

We found you can have too much of a good thing - psychological stimulation.

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