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May 2019


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Mighty melodies and magnificent mood for the marvellous mail for the magic month of may. Menjoy!

Don't mind the many mantras of the mad monsters mixing madness with their microphones.

Chat properly with others in tidy situations

TipsChat properly with others in tidy situations

How to Deliver Constructive Feedback in Difficult Situations

Design Systems

DocumentationDesign Systems

A Figma publication for design systems creators, designers, developers, and managers

How to Brainstorm Right: a Guide for Designers

MethodHow to Brainstorm Right: a Guide for Designers

This time we focused our curation on links, reads and services that clearly put people at the heart of every decision taken.



A good user Interface is one that's backed by reproducible evidence (A/B Tests)

Common Future(s) Medium

ReadCommon Future(s) Medium

Common Future(s) is the place where design reflects on its role in the Anthropocene, climate change, productivism and ecological and social externalities.


May 2019

This month we like

The binding of Isaac Four Souls

GameThe binding of Isaac Four Souls

You have to play this multiplayer card game. It's about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding. Pretty little things!

The Octopus

BlogThe Octopus

Ideo's Blog. A designer's view of the universe.

Studio Revelé

WebsiteStudio Revelé

A playful and thankfully less ordinary agency website.

MJF Swipe

FestivalMJF Swipe

Create your personal program for the Montreux Jazz Festival!


Quote of the month

"Hell is others" - until it really is

Marie-Cécile Godwin & Thomas Di Luccio