Whales, interviews with photographers and more! November 2020
Îles de la Madeleine
Photo: Meggy Turbide
Discover Our Regions from a Different Angle

Temperatures are dropping in Eastern Québec, the days are getting shorter, and a few snowflakes have already fallen… Winter is on its way! Know that we are still thinking of you as this challenging year comes to an end. To help brighten your day, we would like to share a few reading suggestions that may inspire you to dream about your next trip to our regions. Here are seven blog posts to read in the comfort of your home.

10 Things You May Not Know about Whales

Up to 13 species of whales can be observed in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence. Did you know that whales play an essential role in the health of the planet? That they swallow their prey whole? And that they don’t drink water? Learn more about these majestic marine mammals!



Photo: Marc Loiselle
As Seen on Instagram: 8 Souvenir Photos

In the cold season, the maritime regions of Québec are covered in a thick blanket of snow, turning the landscape into a winter wonderland and providing many opportunities for winter fun! To see what we mean, just take a look at these eight dreamy Instagram photos…

Éric Deschamps
Photo: Ludwig Dumetz
Interview with…
Éric Deschamps

While nothing could have predicted his career as a wilderness photographer, Éric Deschamps now shares his love of wildlife and our regions through his captivating photos. We asked him a few questions about his journey.

Mathieu Dupuis
Photo: Mathieu Dupuis
Interview with…
Mathieu Dupuis

For many years now, Mathieu Dupuis has been travelling the world to capture images that reflect the beauty of a region and the people who inhabit it. Passionate about Eastern Québec, he shares a few of his favourite photos in this interview.

Fascinating Stories about Lightkeepers

The lighthouses of the St. Lawrence have witnessed significant moments in our maritime history, as have their keepers, who have had incredible adventures while living and working in these buildings. Here are five captivating stories about lightkeepers.

Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site
Photo: Mathieu Dupuis
5 Historic Events

Several key events that marked our history have taken place in or around the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence. Discover five of them here.

Photo: Exploramer
9 Marine Creatures

The St. Lawrence is home to rich and varied marine life, including several animal species with surprising characteristics. Discover nine of these fascinating creatures.

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