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July 2021




We hope you enjoy summer. We cooked for you a potluck of design bite-sized articles. See you around and don't forget your sunscreen!

Oh, by the way: Pierre needs your input on one topic. Read this right below.



As you know, we like Figma a lot! Here are 3 ways to compare, test and present interactive ideas using Figma.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

CampaignTokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games begin on August 24th 2021, with 537 events from 22 sports to be contested and we really like this trailer!

[FR] En vert et contre tout

Sustainability[FR] En vert et contre tout

Un site très constructif sur l'écologie et la durabilité. Des articles qui vulgarisent les problématiques pour les rendre accessibles, mais qui sont également très critiques et pertinents. On recommande à 100%.

Dark pattern

GamesDark pattern

Mobile game reviews helping you find titles that don't use psychological tricks to manipulate you into becoming an addicted gamer or a cash machine.

Switzerland abandoning the notion of digital sovereignty and surrendering to American and Chinese companies

CH DataSwitzerland abandoning the notion of digital sovereignty

A detailed article on the fact that the Swiss government is surrendering to American and Chinese companies it's digital sovereignty.


Point of view


Pitch and estimates: how hard it is to compare agencies?

Many digital projects emerge from RFPs (or Pitches as we call them). Proposals made by agencies (ours included) are filled with jargon and numbers, and processes vary from one company to the other. For customers, comparing and choosing a partner is not an easy task. Especially when you don’t master every detail (that are usually not details) or when critical questions are not popping from a lack of knowledge in the field. And if too many elements in the answer are blurry or hard to grasp, the risk of picking the partner may rely on simple yet understandable elements like the budget or the network. Questions like accessibility, code or documentation sustainability will be left unattended despite the fact they are key to the project success.

We question ourselves on ways to simplify the comparison of agencies answers from the client point of view. Do you have headaches on this topic? I do too. I started writing down some ideas and will be delighted to discuss them and share experiences and perspectives with you. While waiting on a full article, don’t be a stranger and reach out!

- Pierre


July 2021

This month we like


Animation • Sandland

We like the well-chosen animations on this website. And we love the stretching sheep <3


Portfolio • Simone Farner & Naima Schalcher

Impressive works.

Brick it

Application • Brick it

How cool is it? An app that allows you to scan your Lego bricks and then propose constructions.

Tag Heuer

Watch • Tag Heuer feat. Super Mario

It's me, Mario! A really cool limited edition.


Quote of the month

"The sooner we start, right from the definition of the need, design specifications, and the prototyping, the bigger reduction on the environmental impact can be"


Frédéric Bordage, Ecodesign / the 115 best practices, from the digital eco-design guide


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