Private health insurance in customer squeeze

According to “The Australian” of 15th November 2017 the number of Australians with hospital cover has declined for the second quarter in a row.  The reason given is cost of living which is not surprising as health insurance premiums continue to rise by much more than inflation, with this year’s average increase being 4.84% or about twice CPI.

However as dentists are well aware the private health insurance funds, particularly the large ones, make big margins on extras cover which is for most customers, a non-essential rip-off with the funds dialling in big margins for themselves by rationing benefits.

Unfortunately the more difficulties health funds have in providing hospital benefits at reasonable costs the more that they will seek to exploit extras insurance and thereby rip-off both dental patients and dentists since dentistry is the biggest component of extras cover.

Campaigns against health funds
Some dentists will notice Synstrat have been very effective in their campaigns to inform their patients on the shortcomings of extras cover and the well informed critics of it.  Those dentists who have signed up with IDN are also finding it beneficial – refer to dental newsletters on Synstrat’s website for mention of how to get in touch with IDN.

Those dentists wishing to place information before patients are welcome to download the article:

Dental patients exploited by large health insurance funds

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Best wishes to all dentists

Graham Middleton