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MAKE Newsletter

September 15, 2011

The gears are starting to crank, the belts are being tightened, and the brass fittings are being spit-polished on the fantastic contraption known as the 2nd annual World Maker Faire. We hope you'll be joining us. If not, be sure to keep up with the action on our Maker Faire Daily feed and at makezine.com . And if you're not near any of the cities where we host our full-blown Faires, we hope you'll consider getting involved in or hosting a Mini Maker Faire. Mini or maxi, we guarantee you that there's nothing like a Maker Faire!    -Gareth

Camera Desk Lamp

Defusable Alarm Clock

Dark Side of the Loom

Knock Clock

TV Keyword Muting Device

MAKE video producer Matt Richardson was getting sick of hearing the names of Snooki and The Donald and other overexposed TV personalities blaring from his set. He did what any self-repecting geek would do: he hacked together a programmable keyword muting gadget! He calls it The Enough Already, and it's grabbed quite a bit of media attention. People keep asking him, "Where do you buy one?" You don't. You make one. Here's how.

Maker Faire TV

We are always amazed at the incredibly creative and industrious makers who show off their creations at Maker Faire. Over the years, we've done our best to tell their stories, in MAKE magazine articles, on the MAKE website, and in various videos. But starting at this year's Bay Area Faire, continuing in Detroit, and now in NY, we've had our video producers out in force, profiling as many of these amazing makers as possible. The result is Maker Faire TV. Check out what we have in the can to date.

Weekly Toolbox Column

Whenever we've asked our readers what they want to see more of on the site, "maker tool reviews" has been a frequent request. So now, the Toolbox column in the magazine is joined, every "Toolsday"… er, Tuesday, by a Toolbox review on the MAKE site. Here is an archive of all of the tools we've reviewed so far.

Catching Up with Weekend Projects

We hope you've been keeping up with our Weekend Projects series on Make: Projects. We now have six projects up, ranging from the simple yet impressive Light Theremin (above) to the far more challenging (and also awesome) Whack-a-Mole Game. We're now running a challenge, too: do a project, show us the proof, get free stuff.