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October 2017   IT Tips and TechSolutions News   Vol. 7 No. 10

Five Scary Moments from our Tech Service Hotline

Ghosts and goblins at your doorstep on Halloween can be scary, but nobody at TechSolutions knows “scared, panicked and terrified” like Jenn Slovak, the TechSolutions team member responsible for dispatching service requests to our technicians. Jenn answers the phone when our clients call. She is the first person that our clients speak with when they absolutely have a problem on their computer.

Now most of the time, the calls come from calm and patient customers who have routine problems that are handled with no excitement at all. However, in the spirit of the Halloween season, we thought we’d share the experiences of some of the scariest and most terrified callers whose problems were resolved with the help our technicians.

Read on to to discover few of the most terrified and spooky customer service requests that we received this season...

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