The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising against Thanksgiving travel as COVID-19 cases rise and after U.S. deaths surpassed 250,000 this week. Today, we bring you a collection of recent stories that explain not only how to stay safe, but the scientific and medical explanations behind certain measures. While these are scary times, we know that medical and scientific advances will pull us through – along with compassion and kindness for one another as we await them.

Lynne Anderson

Senior Health + Medicine Editor

While it may be deflating, events like the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade are best watched from home this year. Here, the Harold the Fireman balloon lies face down as he readied for the parade on Nov. 27, 2019. Gary Hershorn via Getty Images

As CDC warns against Thanksgiving travel, here are a dozen more things you can do to help stop COVID-19

Pamela M. Aaltonen, Purdue University

Inaction over the next few months could cost tens of thousands of lives. Here are things you should do now to stay safe and to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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