The 2024 US presidential race is now set as a Biden-Trump rematch. Who doesn’t love a sequel?

The presidential nominating contests were over before they even began, devoid of any real drama or intrigue. But there is still room for a big surprise to jolt the race. And speculation is swirling over one: who might Trump pick to be his No. 2?

As US politics expert Emma Shortis writes today, there are several leading candidates who might fit the bill, given the traditional political calculations that go into vice president selections. Primary among them is how a VP candidate can offset a weakness of the name at the top of the ballot.

For Trump, this comes down to two main things: he’s perceived as having a race problem and a woman problem.

Shortis looks at the candidates who might help in these regards, but as she notes, Trump has never been bound by such traditional political considerations.

Why does this matter? Trump’s No. 2 could very well end up the No. 1 – either in the next four years, or after the 2028 election. As Shortis writes, in many regards, the stakes are much higher than usual this election.

Justin Bergman

International Affairs Editor

Who will Trump pick as his running mate? In 2024, the ‘Veepstakes’ are higher than usual

Emma Shortis, RMIT University

A vice president is usually chosen to offset a presidential candidate’s weaknesses. For Trump, this means he could pick a person of colour or a woman.

How to look after your mental health while packing up Mum or Dad’s home

Erika Penney, University of Technology Sydney; Alice Norton, University of Sydney; Avalon Tissue, University of Sydney

So Mum or Dad has died, or moved to aged care, and now you’ve got to pack up their house. It’s a huge job and you’re dreading it.

Will you be this year’s ‘April fish’? Businesses have a long history of using April Fools’ Day to try and prank us all

Gary Mortimer, Queensland University of Technology

This morning, breakfast television shows will be reporting obscure, although mildly believable, announcements from organisations and brands – but keep you wits about you!

How do we help students from disadvantaged backgrounds feel confident about school?

Rebecca J. Collie, UNSW Sydney; Andrew J. Martin, UNSW Sydney

Research shows students who are confident about their ability to succeed tend to be more academically successful. A new Australian study shows how to boost student confidence.

Despite appearances, digital networking hasn’t killed the business card – yet

Jane Menzies, University of the Sunshine Coast

Business cards might feel like a relic of a bygone era, but for people wanting to be remembered, they’ve a long way to go yet.

‘A blind and deaf mind’: what it’s like to have no visual imagination or inner voice

Derek Arnold, The University of Queensland; Loren N. Bouyer, The University of Queensland

People with aphantasia can’t imagine seeing things in their mind. People with ‘deep aphantasia’ may have no inner voice, either, and different real-world visual experiences.

‘I hope publishers will be brave’: older women are often erased in fiction – but in 2 new Australian novels they take centre stage

Carol Lefevre, University of Adelaide

Lives that matter: new novels by Trish Bolton and Graeme Nash defy the stereotypes of older women in fiction.

Sex, birth and whalesong: life on the humpback highway

Vanessa Pirotta, Macquarie University

There’s so much we still don’t know about whales. Here’s 3 amazing new things we’ve learnt about whales lately: how humpback whales have sex and give birth – and how baleen whales sing underwater.

Waiting for Trump to be re-elected is wrong – Nato leaders need to Trump-proof their policies now

Michelle Bentley, Royal Holloway University of London

If the world sits on the sidelines for the next six months, it not only loses time and ground but puts Trump in a stronger position if he is elected.

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