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Hope Force Responds to Turkey Earthquake: Situation Report #1

February 16, 2023


The earthquakes that rocked Turkey and Syria will go down as some of the most devastating in history.  The loss of an untold number of structures and the devastatingly high mortality rate are staggering —with the numbers continuing to rise. At this moment the death toll stands at greater than 40,000 from the 7.8 magnitude quake.  This will be a long road to recovery for the survivors; years…not months, as they struggle to put their lives back together.  

For a multitude of reasons, Hope Force International will focus efforts within Turkey.  From numerous communications with trusted relationships, we have identified a very reliable and effective partner.  (Out of an abundance of caution, we are withholding the name.)


Countless survivors have lost everything and many have nowhere to lay their heads.  Our local partners in the impact zone stated that the need for emergency shelter is overwhelming.  They are feverishly building emergency shelters for people displaced by the earthquake; so much so that their team is exhausted.  In addition to finances, Hope Force International has been asked to send skilled volunteers to work alongside their team as a way to help relieve their burden.  Over 6,000 of these shelters have helped families in previous disasters across India, Pakistan, Nepal and Turkey. These simple structures use locally-sourced materials.  They are durable, well insulated, earthquake-resistant, can be quickly assembled…and the materials re-used when building a future, permanent structure.



Hope Force will be working with our local partner to erect these emergency shelters as soon as possible. We are convinced that this will help inspire fresh hope amongst the survivors.

The cost of each shelter is $500. Hope Force is seeking financial partners to secure funding for the first 100 emergency shelters. Would you consider making a donation to this vital project?

Click here for a one-page overview of the project

Hope Force will continue to monitor the situation and also work towards finding an appropriate pathway to mount an emergency medical team.  Those we’ve been in contact with suggest that we look to the possibility of deploying in the “second wave” as those working now will undoubtably be in need of relief.  Medical professionals interested in participating, please fill out our deployment form.

Join with us in praying for the people in the region impacted by this devastation who are experiencing extreme grief and trauma, and pray for the responders as well.

PLEASE NOTE:  Those interested in deploying with Hope Force, and have not yet completed the HFI Reservist training, must take the online training to be eligible.  Below is a link to the 9.5 hour, video-based training you can complete in the comfort of your own home -- providing you with a level of preparedness for effective service in the field.

Registration for the online training can be found at: