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The Potter's Village - Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the Potter's Village Newsletter.

Issue 1. 2022

In this Issue

Child Crisis Centre update
Animal update
Alternative gifts
Regular treatment for mothers
The Medical Centre
Rehab Centre for Children with disabilities
Baby Aniela
New babies
Resettled children
Community Support
Please pray for us

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Child Crisis Centre update

There are currently twenty five babies resident in the Crisis Centre. The Centre has seen a huge increase in numbers since Christmas and if the trend keeps the way it is now, we may reach our maximum capacity within next four months. 

We now have seventy two children who we support in the community.

We plan on discharging some children this year and are now in the process of preparing their parents so that they are ready for the change. We also do some assessments of the families, before resettlement. We intend to discharge approximately ten children.

The attached picture is of a father visiting his baby. We encourage this contact as much as possible to build a bond and a good relationship before resettlement.

Animal update

The animals of Potter's Village are all doing well. Recently seven piglets have been sold.  Currently Potter's Village has four adult pigs and one young one.  There are still two cows on of which is in calf and due in two months time. 



Alternative gifts

Every year FOPV sell Alternative Christmas gifts, but this year, we have made these gifts avaliable throughout the rest of the year, via our website. They are avaliabe if you wish to buy them for birthdays, wedding or anniversarys present. Please click on this link for further details. 

Also don't forget you can raise money for Potter's Village by shopping using easyfundraising or Amazon smiles




Regular treatment for mothers

The regular treatment of psychiatric mothers has been going on for quite a while now. The mothers have shown great improvements and the psychiatric nurse has planned to stop treatment for two mothers around June because they are now stable. We will continue to monitor them even after they stop treatment to ensure they continue progressing well. 

The Medical Centre

The Medical Centre has been busy from December to date. The special care nursery, paediatric ward and out patients have all been seeing very high numbers. In fact we believe the numbers attending seem to be back up to pre-covid levels.  



Rehab Centre for Children with disabilities

The Rehabilitation department is very busy meeting the clients from Monday to Wednesday. Currently we have a total of 172 children registered with us but we have 70 who are attending regularly.

Janie is planning to begin community clinics.  Transporting many of these children from their homes to Potter’s Village for clinics is hard and expensive for the families. Community clinics will help reach out to more people and improve on the regularity of attendance.

There is also plan to employ a Ugandan physiotherapist who will work with Janie and the current physio assistant. The funds for paying the physiotherapist are not yet fully available but we hope once funds have been mobilised we shall employ one. Currently there is one assistant but the process is already on for getting a second who will begin working in March.

If you are interesteing in supporting or fundraising for the work of the Rehabilitation centre, then please contact the UK Office for further details. 

Baby Aniela

This is a picture of baby Aniela, who's life has been transformed by the hard work and support of the physiotherapy department. When she was first brought to Potter's Village two years ago, she could not lift her head off the floor. Now she is able to walk and in the photo she is carrying her baby doll on her back. 





New babies

Blessing was born in November and admitted age two days as her mother has learning difficulties and physical disabilities.
Genesis was found abandoned, aged about three days, in early December. The authorities are attempting to find some family members.
David M was born on Christmas Eve and came to Potter’s Village 10 days later following the death of his mother after surgery.
Dushime was born prematurely in September and then abandoned by his mother. After several weeks in the Special Care Nursery, he was transferred to the Crisis Centre.
Dianah was born in mid-January and came to Potter’s Village on the same day, as her mother had died from over-bleeding. Dianah is the seventh child in the family and all these children are now under the care of the father.
Jonas was brought to Potter’s Village when he was one day old. His mother is mentally sick and keeps wondering around the village, his father is not well either. His mother will be referred for psychiatric treatment.
Twins Pascal & Sophia were initially cared for by their grandmother after their mother, who delivered at home, died from over bleeding. When the twins became  malnourished, the family were advised to seek help, so they came to Potter’s Village a few days later. They are currently being managed in the medical centre and after that, they will cross over to the crisis centre for more rehabilitation before going back to the grandmother.
Andrew was abandoned by his mother but fortunately, was found quite quickly, rescued, and taken to Potter’s Village. The Police were informed and are now following up this case and trying to find the family.
Rosemary was born on 9th Feb, sadly her mother died shortly afterwards.

Resettled children

A lot of children have been admitted to Potter’s Village, but several children have been re-settled back in the community.

Maureen, Judith and Angella N have been resettled with their grandparents

Lambert has gone to live with his father and step-mother

Darrens and Saviour have been resettled to other members of their wider family.

Community Support

We are very grateful for all our Child sponsors.

With the funds sent by Imelda’s sponsor, PV were recently able to buy food for her family and also pay money for the treatment of the Grandmother who had had a sprain in the knee.  The Grandmother has improved although she is not yet able to walk well on her own, this means she cannot work in her gardens or support her family.  Untill she is better PV will continue to give them extra support.  

Since the schools have reopened in Kisoro, all the children who are of school age have now returned to their studies. Thirty three children are attending school and they paying school fees from the money they save from their monthly community support.

Please pray for us

We thank God

  • For the Crisis centre and that it can help babies in need
  • For Dr Nicci and the Clinical officers for their hard work and strength
  • For the Child sponsors making such a huge difference to children's lives
  • For the Rehab Centre and its work
  • The positive effect of helping Mothers with Mental Health conditions
  • The commitment of the PV staff to their work.
  • For all those supporters across the world praying and giving to this work.

Please pray

  • That we continue to find funding and support so that we can continue to save the lives of those who need us the most, especially with this huge influx of patients
  • For families struggling with the ongoing effects of the pandemic
  • For strength, wisdom and compassion for all staff, at Potter’s Village
  • For unity amongst the staff.
  • For Idah (Administrator) and Board of Governors as they manage Potter’s Village
  • Friends of Potter’s Village, that they will continue to have sufficient income and for good stewardship of donated funds.
  • Please pray we find more child sponsors to help PV support those familes in need