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As a nonscientist, I’m intrigued by the notion of a meta-analysis. This type of study gives researchers the opportunity to read and evaluate a large number of studies on a specific topic and analyze the evidence collected by their peers. It’s a tool that can help scientists zoom out and get the big picture, and the results can sometimes support emerging science in a way that one-off studies can’t.

This week we had a story about a meta-analysis performed at Boston University by Shrey Grover and his colleagues at the Reinhart Lab. The memory and cognition researchers compiled and reviewed data from over 100 studies on transcranial alternating current stimulation. Known as tACS, this therapy involves wearing a cap embedded with electrodes that send weak, oscillating electrical currents to the scalp. Whether it has the capacity to change mental function by altering electrical pulses in the brain has been a topic of debate for decades.

So what did the meta-analysis reveal? The researchers found that tACS can enhance a person’s mental capacity, especially when it comes to executive function. It’s a big-picture perspective that lends support to the potential of this therapy.

Later this week, we’ll bring you stories about the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season, how hip-hop challenged racism in Europe and how to raise a spelling bee champion.

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