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Mountain Village Merchants Meeting Recap & Next Meeting Date

Mountain Village Merchants,

Please review the minutes from last week's merchants meeting via the link below. There was great information and discussions! We missed having a lot of our independent merchants in attendance and hope that you are able to join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 3pm in the TMVOA conference room. There are a lot of great ideas on the horizon and we need your input!

The slide presentation from Telluride TV can be found here. Telluride TV is currently offering a great special for Mountain Village Merchants: They will create a :30 second ad and air it on Mountain Village Cable's major network channels 18 times daily for three months for $2,000. That's a $1,000 savings! The ad can also be posted on your website or social media pages.

Please look over the survey results from the Mountain Village animation ideas list. Unfortunately, only 7 people out of our 78-person distribution list completed the survey. TMVOA, TMV and TSG would appreciate your input if you have any additional ideas or would like to see other priorities at the top of the list. 

Together, we can continue to improve upon Mountain Village as a thriving, world-class resort!