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January 2021




Enough wishes for 2021. Let’s make some room for change: we wish to level up our behaviours: be nicer to each other and more responsible for what we do.

We wish you the same.

Miro's Ice Breakers

ToolIce Breakers by Miro

For some time now, we have been using Miro for most of our online workshops. Here is a list of icebreakers exercises, to kickstart yours.

2020 Tools Survey

Report2020 Tools survey

See the most popular tools used by over 4,000 designers in this annual survey. Yes, we like data!

5 designer personas every design team has to have

Team5 designer personas every design team has to have

How Jason recruited his team, the Argonauts. Does it sound like your team?

Rafael Flora

Case studyRafael Flora

Presenting the research and information architecture aspect of a project is sometimes complicated in a portfolio. We love how Rafael Flora approached it.

A design library to fuel your best work

ToolEagle, a design library to fuel your creativity

Eagle 2.0 just released, prettier and faster. Give it a go!


Point of view

User Experience

Does sound also help you to focus?

I often ask this question to those around me and the answer is often the same:  «It depends on what I’m doing.»

When you are working, it can sometimes be difficult to stay focused, within a noisy environment, because of music, a podcast or simply the sound of your office. (No problem at this level these times ;))

Personally, I have a completely different experience when it comes to listening to something when working. A podcast or a song can help me to focus on my work.  It helps me not to be distracted by everything that may happen around me during a working day.

Obviously, I agree it depends on what I’m doing. For instance, reading or writing while listening to something is impossible for me. But as a designer, I love to associate visual work with sound, I think it adds a very interesting layer to what I am doing.

Something which always amazes me is that when I go back to my work a few days or weeks after having worked on something, I remember exactly what I was listening to in when doing it.

Sometimes, it even happens that I listen to a podcast or music that I like, and I visualise the work I did while listening to that sound.

This method has always helped me to learn and memorise, associating a sound  with a visual is a very effective way of learning, in my opinion.

This topic interests me and I will have a deeper look into the question!
And you, what is your relation with working in music? :)

- Emma


January 2021

This month we like


Tool • Ludus

Ludus is an advanced presentation tool for creative professionals. It's like Sketch and Keynote had a baby in the cloud.


Revamp • CCHE

We love the new CCHE website by Liip. A great example of the importance and quality of content.


Football Kit • Nendo

A design project for a modular soccer ball. Playing, replaying and replaying football. Sustainable indeed.

Epic days

Illustration • Epic days

Epic agency is curating illustrators works in this epic calendar.


Case study • Strava

Manual is showcasing the campaign they produced for Strava, driven by data visualisation.


Website • Non

Really nice website for a non-alcoholic beverages collection.


Quote of the month

"The choices we make in our web work can eat up electricity and spit out carbon—and as the internet grows, so does the cost to the environment."


TOM GREENWOOD, Sustainable Web Design


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