Although Canada has made great strides in achieving equal rights for LGBTQ+ people, there is still room for improvement, especially in the workplace. Research has found that many Canadians still face discrimination at work for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Today in The Conversation Canada, Ashrafee Tanvir Hossain from Memorial University of Newfoundland talks about the key role CEOs play in LGBTQ+ workplace equality.

While CEOs are in the best position to make change, Hossain’s research found that CEOs with significant power in their workplaces discouraged LGBTQ+ initiatives. As major stakeholders within their corporations, CEOs have the responsibility to make their workplaces more inclusive and welcoming for their LGBTQ+ employees.

Hossain points out that not only is investing in LGBTQ+ initiatives the right thing to do, but it can be good for companies in the long run. More inclusive workplaces improve employee morale, productivity, firm performance and future firm valuation.

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Recent research has found that CEOs with significant power discourage LGBTQ+ initiatives in the workplace. (Shutterstock)

CEOs are hindering LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace

Ashrafee Tanvir Hossain, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Corporations have the responsibility to make workplaces more inclusive and welcoming for LGBTQ+ employees.

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La Conversation Canada

Marine Le Pen, du RN, prend la parole devant ses partisans après l'annonce des premiers résultats du second tour de l'élection présidentielle française, à Paris, le 24 avril 2022. Malgré sa défaite, la droite radicale poursuit sa montée, rejoignant des électeurs de toutes les classes sociales, et de toutes les régions. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

Présidentielle française : l’inexorable montée de la « droite radicale »

Frédérick Guillaume Dufour, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM); Djamila Mones, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

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