Two indisputable facts. Economic growth generates the resources for socio-economic development – it finances healthcare, education and infrastructure. Yet, economic growth comes at a cost – specifically environmental. How to have both growth and a healthy planet is proving to be a challenge for African countries. Lite Nartey explains how they can overcome it.

Carcasses heaped on benches under a makeshift shelter, leaking fluids onto the ground where children are playing… Unhygienic conditions like this are typical in Sierra Leone’s many informal markets, where wild animals are sold for meat. In this article, researchers propose what can be done to clean up the markets and prevent diseases from spreading to humans.

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Jabulani Sikhakhane


Africa doesn’t have a choice between economic growth and protecting the environment: how they can go hand in hand

Lite Nartey, INSEAD

African countries need to find an alternative that acknowledges that sustainable development and economic growth are interdependent.

Sierra Leone’s bushmeat markets pose serious health hazards – we studied two for six months to find solutions

Jack Jenkins, Durham University; Hannah Brown, Durham University; Tommy Matthew Hanson, Njala University; Wahab Lawundeh, University of Basel

Reducing risk requires moving beyond heavy-handed solutions like banning bushmeat, and instead focusing on making markets safer.

Race still divides South Africa – study shows little transformation in new suburbs in country’s economic hub

Christian Hamann, Gauteng City-Region Observatory

While a few new residential developments improve racial mixing, most other developments do not.

Smoking in Africa: study of 16 countries shows higher taxes would help young smokers quit or cut down

Sam Filby, University of Cape Town; Corne van Walbeek, University of Cape Town

The number of smokers in Africa is on the rise. Research calculates the effect of tax-led price increases on the smoking habits of young people.

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