South Africa’s historic 1994 election was one of the most remarkable events of our times. The election marked an end to more than than 100 years of oppressive white minority rule and the system of apartheid. It was organised - against seemingly impossible odds - by an untested electoral commission. Mandla Mchunu, who served on the trailblazing commission, explains to political scientist Kealeboga Maphunye the extraordinary experience of putting the election together and the challenges the commission faced.

Kenya's glaring lack of preparedness showed through at the height of recent devastating flooding. This was in spite of forewarning of heavy rainfall. Augustine Kiptum highlights what went wrong and what Kenya must do to prevent this from happening again in the future.

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Thabo Leshilo

Politics + Society

Drained but proud: how it felt to organise South Africa’s first democratic election in just 4 months

Kealeboga J Maphunye, University of South Africa

The electoral commission had only four months for work which normally takes two to three years. In the end, the election succeeded because the nation wanted it to succeed.

Kenya is badly prepared for floods: four steps to reduce devastation and deaths

Augustine Kiptum, University of Sussex

Kenya’s preparedness for and response to extreme weather events has numerous gaps.

UK-Rwanda migrant deal challenges international protection law

Cristiano d'Orsi, University of Johannesburg

Countries could face major legal consequences if they send people to countries where they could suffer harm.

Sweet sorghum is a hardy, nutritious, biofuel crop that offers solutions in drought-hit southern Africa

Hamond Motsi, Stellenbosch University

Sweet sorghum has multipurpose post-harvest uses. It can produce grains, animal feed and sugary juice, making it unique among crops.

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