Now I’m a competitive so-and-so at the best (or worst) of times. And as with most journalists, I harbor the (mis)belief that I know, well, pretty much everything about everything. So in lieu of a newsletter note today, I’m instead issuing a challenge: The Conversation has just started running a weekly news quiz to test just how closely people are following our stories and what they’ve learned.

I managed a majestic 7 out of 8 in today’s quiz. Can any of you do better? I doubt it, particularly given how challenging this week is. So go on, prove me wrong. A lovely and rare tote bag from The Conversation will go to the first person who replies to this email with a screenshot proving they got all eight questions right! Don’t forget to include your name so that we can include an honor roll in next Friday’s newsletter.

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The gut microbiome may also play a role in personalized medicine. nopparit/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Humans evolved with their microbiomes – like genes, your gut microbes pass from one generation to the next

Taichi A. Suzuki, Max Planck Institute for Biology; Ruth Ley, Max Planck Institute for Biology

As early modern humans spread across the globe, their gut microbes genetically changed with them. Understanding the origins of gut microbes could improve understanding of their role in human health.

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