God of Possibilities

As we enter 2017 it is vital to remember that we do not enter this new year alone. God with us, Emmanuel, promises to walk alongside us no matter what comes our way. That is some comfort in an uncertain and broken world, and complimenting this is the truth that God is active and at work in the world – redeeming it and bringing his kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven. God invites us to join him and partner in prayer and work around the world.

There are many stories in scripture where God shows his heart to work with and alongside his sons or daughters who are working for change, or in difficult situations. God seems to change the outcome of things based on our actions on earth – and many stories show this, from Abraham and Sodom, and Moses and the Israelites, to Jonah and Nineveh, to Hezekiah debating with God about the length of his life.

Some people may ask if praying makes a difference? The Bible clearly calls us to pray, to stand in the gap, to pray without ceasing for all things. And Jesus also shows us the importance of prayer by his example.

God wants to bring about redemption of this broken world and draw people to himself, and chooses to use us and partner with us in love and sacrifice in order to see change and to reflect his heart for all people. Let us encourage one another to have a greater relational connection with God, investing our energy towards interceding for the change we long to see, praising God for what he is doing in our world and crying out to him over the brokenness we long to see healed.

Praying and communing with our Creator around the issues we face and see is like breathing in, and being actively involved in seeing the change we long for, is like breathing out. We cannot do one without the other.

A God of possibilities – a God of love – a God who intervenes - a God who chooses to use us imperfect ‘jars of clay’ (2 Corinthians 4:7) – this is the God we serve!

Let us continue to work to see change on earth, loving our neighbour as we love ourselves, and let us continue praying without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) and partnering with God in prayer for the world we love.

Côte d'Ivoire Uprising

The country has faced some conflict and turmoil during this past week with mutiny and strikes, and a standoff between soldiers and the Ministry of Defense. Chantal Tehe Yoa, Micah Global National Co-ordinator Côte d'Ivoire, has asked us to mobilise the Micah community to pray into these areas:

- That all these big changes in leadership at the government and military level be peaceful and bring good to the nation.

- For students and teachers as all public schools are closed for a week because teachers are on strike.

- For revision of the new laws for widows and retired people as this is one of the contestations that is gaining support on the ground. These laws will certainly make the poor poorer and people are starting to rise up and say no to this. Please pray for wisdom, discernment and positive outcomes.

- For the citizens of Côte d'Ivoire as they face unrest again. Peace is what everyone is hoping for as no one wants to see bloodshed again.

- Praise the Lord who has sustained us as there has been no bloodshed during this uprising, and despite strikes, everything seems to have been done in order and calm.

Idolatory and Ancestral Beliefs in Benin

Jean Kpétéré, National Co-ordinator, Benin, has asked us to pray for the country as there is a rise in the expansion of ancestral beliefs and idolatory. Benin is the cradle of vodoun, proud of its occult links and powers. "We therefore seek the support of Micah Global to mobilise the Christians of the world to support the churches of Benin for the overthrow of the kingdom of darkness and the promotion of the Kingdom of God in Benin." 

Please pray for Micah Benin as they step up and face this issue by mobilising Christians to pray, especially young people, and calling the Church to a day of reflection and a prophetic look at the impact of idolatrous feasts on the country.

Micah Global

Micah Global 2017

We praise God for the exciting plans he has led us to for 2017. God is able to be immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). We invite all our members to continue to walk with us. Please pray that annual contributions will be sent in on time and that God would open doors for more opportunities to be a blessing.

Micah Global National Expressions

Every month we will focus on two National Expressions for prayer. January is commited to Singapore and Nepal. Have a look at their online presence and pray for the National Co-ordinators and teams as they begin 2017.

Micah Singapore: National Co-ordinator: Ronald Wong. Visit the Micah Singapore site here.

Micah Nepal: National Co-ordinator: Thir KC. Visit the Micah Nepal site here.

Asian Regional Consultation

Please pray for the Micah gathering in Asia in April. Pray that everyone who wants to be there, will have the means to do so, and that God will use that time to encourage, equip, mobilise and bring change to the region through this consultation. For more information, click here.

Christine MacMillan

Christine is on our International Board and has been going through treatment and surgery these last few months. Please pray for her recovering and healing.

America as it faces Inauguration Day

Pray for America and divisions within the country as the day of inauguration of their new president, Donald Trump, approaches. Pray that God will use this to mobilise citizens to be a part of good change, and for protection of vulnerable people living in the United States. Pray for the unity of the Church as it faces this new season, and for Kingdom values to prevail going forward.

Let's Pray Together in 2017

Once a month Micah Global sends out a Prayer Focus (such as this one) that is used by groups, churches, organisations and individuals as a guide to pray about issues around the globe from our partners. Please send us any prayer requests you may have on your heart for your nation. Also, if you would like to be added to the Prayer Focus mailing list, email

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