Spotting elephants in Europe might not just mean going to the zoo if rewilding plans to introduce megaherbivores back to some of their old stomping grounds come to fruition.

Though it might sound like a fanciful idea, a study conducted in Kenya suggests that the presence of large, plant-eating animals like elephants and giraffes could help rebalance ecosystems in decline due to long-term extinction processes largely driven by humans. But there might also be other consequences for nature.

We also take an in-depth look at North Korea’s “first sister’, Kim Yo-jong, to reveal a power emerging from the shadow of her brother, supreme leader Kim Jong-un. And we hear how "dark design’ has become a disturbingly common feature among the websites and apps many of us use daily, deployed to coerce us into performing actions that benefit the site owner.

Plus check out the trailer for our exciting new podcast series, Climate fight: the world’s biggest negotiation, starting next week.

Imogen Malpas

Commissioning Editor, Environment + Energy

Large herbivores like elephants used to roam wide swathes of Europe and Asia. Heather Wall

Rewilding: conservationists want to let elephants loose in Europe – here’s what could happen

Harry Wells, University of Leeds; Nora Ward, National University of Ireland Galway; Ramiro D. Crego

It sounds like a mammoth plan, but bringing back large herbivore species to Europe could help mitigate ecosystem collapse.

Kim Yo-jong: now widely thought of as a possible successor to her older brother Kim Jong-un. EPA-EFE/Jorge Silva

North Korea: the rise and rise of ‘first sister’ Kim Yo-jong

Sojin Lim, University of Central Lancashire

The increasing prominence of Kim Jong-un’s younger sister has prompted speculation about whether she is positioning herself for ultimate power in North Korea.


Dark web design: how sites manipulate you into clicking

Daniel Fitton, University of Central Lancashire

‘Cookie banners’ are just one example of how web designers exploit our psychology for commercial gain.

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