Hurricane season starts today, and all the forecasts are warning of an extreme six months ahead for the Atlantic basin. If national forecasters are right, we could see as many as 25 named storms and more than a dozen hurricanes. It’s the National Hurricane Center’s busiest preseason forecast ever, and for good reason, as Purdue University meteorologist Jhordanne Jones explains.

Hurricanes are clearly bad news for the coasts, but being inland doesn’t mean you’re safe. These storms don’t stop at the water’s edge – they keep going, often for hundreds of miles, as years of storm tracks show. And when they get into the mountains, that much rain quickly becomes a flood disaster. Geographer Craig Colten describes what happens when tropical cyclone rains have reached the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and what mountain towns are starting to do to prepare.

This week, we also liked articles about how the upcoming Olympic Games are drawing attention to France’s headscarf ban, why insurance companies should cover colon cancer screenings, and how the British electoral system differs from the U.S. one.

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Stacy Morford

Environment + Climate Editor

Remnants of Hurricane Fred sent rivers out of their banks across western North Carolina in 2021. North Carolina DOT

Hurricanes don’t stop at the coast – these mountain towns know how severe inland flood damage can be, and they’re preparing

Craig E. Colten, Louisiana State University

In the mountains, heavy downpours can be devastating, especially when storms hit back to back. .

Donald Trump arrives in a Manhattan court to hear the jury’s verdict. Justin Lane-Pool/Getty Images

Trump’s guilty verdict is not the end of the matter

Donald Nieman, Binghamton University, State University of New York

By focusing on the facts, the public can avoid being distracted by baseless allegations about the Trump verdict that undermine institutions designed to ensure – not weaponize – justice.

The 2024 Paris Olympics will officially start on July 26. nicolas michaud/Flickr

France’s headscarf ban in the 2024 Summer Olympics reflects a narrow view of national identity, writes a scholar of European studies

Armin Langer, University of Florida

Laïcité, which historically upheld individual freedom, denies minority rights today, as seen in the ban on French athletes wearing hijabs at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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    Here’s the first question of this week’s edition:

    Donald Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts at his trial in New York. The jury apparently did not buy defense attorney Todd Blanche's description of witness (and former Trump fixer) Michael Cohen as what?

    1. A. "A Mount Everest of misinformation"
    2. B. "The GLOAT ... Greatest liar of all time"
    3. C. "The King Kong of con men"
    4. D. "A stool pigeon who sings like another MC, Mariah Carey"

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