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Latest articles

Notice to readers

ATAGI 2021 annual statement on immunisation (Last updated: 19 September 2021)

Catherine Tran, Clayton Chiu, Allen C Cheng, Nigel W Crawford, Michelle L Giles, Kristine K Macartney, Christopher C Blyth, on behalf of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation || || Published online: 28/10/2021
Full Text: (Word 84.28 KB) (PDF 2.98 MB)

Original articles

COVID-19 in health care workers, Australia 2020

Anna C Rafferty, Moira C Hewitt, Rose Wright, Freya Hogarth, Nick Coatsworth, Frances Ampt, Sally Dougall, Charles Alpren, Louise Causer, Cushla Coffey, Angela Wakefield, Suzy Campbell, Nevada Pingault, Michelle Harlock, Kylie J Smith, Martyn D Kirk || || Published online: 28/10/2021
Full Text: (Word 354.23 KB) (PDF 3.17 MB)

The ATHENA COVID-19 Study: Cohort profile and first findings for people diagnosed with COVID-19 in Queensland, 1 January to 31 December 2020

Jennifer Welsh, Rosemary J Korda, Ellie Paige, Mark A Morgan, Hsei-Di Law, Tony Stanton, Zoltan MJ Bourne, M Ximena Tolosa, Kim Greaves, for the ATHENA (Australians Together Health Initiative) COVID-19 Project Team || || Published online: 30/9/2021
Full Text: (Word 119.67 KB) (PDF 3.2 MB)

Annual reports

Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme Annual Report, 2020 (Updated: 15 September 2021)

Monica M Lahra, Tiffany R Hogan, Masoud Shoushtari, Benjamin H Armstrong, for the National Neisseria Network, Australia || || Published online: 28/10/2021
Full Text: (Word 216.6 KB) (PDF 3.15 MB)

Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit (APSU) Annual Surveillance Report 2020

Suzy M Teutsch, Carlos A Nunez, Anne Morris, Guy D Eslick, Gulam Khandaker, Angela Berkhout, Daniel Novakovic, Julia ML Brotherton, Skye McGregor, Jonathan King, Ece Egilmezer, Robert Booy, Cheryl A Jones, William Rawlinson, Bruce R Thorley and Elizabeth J Elliott || || Published online: 28/10/2021
Full Text: (Word 1.42 MB) (PDF 4.63 MB)

Australian National Enterovirus Reference Laboratory annual report, 2020

Matthew B Kaye, Arnau Garcia-Clapes, Linda K Hobday, Aishah Ibrahim, Presa Chanthalavanh, Leesa Bruggink, Bruce R Thorley || || Published online: 28/10/2021
Full Text: (Word 417.14 KB) (PDF 3.09 MB)

Monitoring the incidence and causes of disease potentially transmitted by food in Australia: Annual report of the OzFoodNet network, 2016

The OzFoodNet Working Group || || Published online: 30/9/2021
Full Text: (Word 3.64 MB) (PDF 4.17 MB)

Paediatric Active Enhanced Disease Surveillance (PAEDS) 2019: Prospective hospital-based surveillance for serious paediatric conditions

Nicole Dinsmore, Jocelynne E McRae, Helen E Quinn, Catherine Glover, Sonia Dougherty, Alissa McMinn, Nigel Crawford, Helen Marshall, Samantha J Carlson, Christopher Blyth, Ryan Lucas, Adam Irwin, Kristine Macartney, Philip N Britton, and Nicholas Wood on behalf of the PAEDS network || || Published online: 30/9/2021
Full Text: (Word 669.36 KB) (PDF 4.15 MB)

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