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Autumn is in full swing and we are really feeling the bite of the cool wind outside. What better way to warm the heart than with food. We have been working on so many foodie projects of late – that we thought we would share a few with you. Read on below.

Thank you to everyone who has enquired about our newest Black Canvas additions – they are ever well-dressed, growing well, smiling and enjoying life (although as with any newborn – could always participate in a little more sleep). Click on the dedicated twin-link below to see some photo updates.

We really are very thankful for the work you send our way, and the projects you throw at us to keep us on our toes, Black Canvas is far beyond the little dream of two sisters who like to design. Thank you!

It's not all Black and White

Banyard Game Birds

Introducing Banyard Game Birds – a boutique game farm, specialising in quail meat, duck eggs, pickled and salted quail eggs. The quail are bred and processed on the Darling Downs at their farm at Pittsworth, and served as a delicacy in fine dining restaurants across South-East Queensland. We enjoyed working with Clive and Erika to develop the refreshed brand for Banyard Game Birds. See the new logo and brand here >>


Hampton Festival

To get a taste of the good life, attending the Hampton Festival really is a must for the month of May. The unique escarpment positioning of Hampton sees an abundance of delicious produce grown and Sunday May 17 will be a celebration of these gourmet, artisan grown, culinary delights. There must be something special in the soil, for the 'high country' is also a rich breeding ground for artists and creatives alike. Black Canvas were honoured to be asked to revamp the logo for what will be the festival's 13th year. The very welcoming village at Hampton has invited us all to come along to enjoy party. See the brand here >>

  Blue Royale Blueberries

Royale Blueberries

Launching this month is the new Blue Royale Blueberries brand. We designed the label for farmers in the non-traditional growing region of North Queensland's Atherton Tablelands. These blueberries are distinguished by their large size and full flavour. They are crisp in texture, sweet to taste and boast a long list of health benefits. The Blue Royale can be found at selected green grocers and supermarket locations both in NSW and QLD, so keep your eyes out for them on the shelves!  >>


Tapestry Bar - One Page Website

We are loving the Fitzy's transformation of Fibbers to the new Tapestry Bar.  They have recently launched their new site, complete with images of the refurbishment; downloadable menu (you are strongly advised to do this – yummy!); and a 360° virtual tour of the establishment. That is a lot of info – all in a One Page Website! The single page site helps keeps costs to a minimum, but still provides a strongly branded, information and image based solution. The Indigo Web boys have done a fantastic job in development, bringing our design ideas to life - check it out here >>


Shout Out

May also sees Toowoomba's urban landscape transformed over 3 days, by multiple large scale murals, painted live by Australian & International artists. We so enjoy the creativity and inspiration that First Coat brings to our city-scape. Keep your eyes peeled for the artistry and beauty popping up on otherwise unnoticed walls around town. Love it!

This transformed wall is at the back of our building >>


Black Canvas Twinnies

Need a bit of twin-spiration? – Check out some pics of our very own little Noah and Evelyn >>

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