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July 2019


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Summer is here and so is our design newsletter. Take a bit of sun, a bit of shade and quench your thirst for design content!

Is UX making us dumb?

OpinionIs UX making us dumb?

“Is it possible to make things too easy? To take away critical thinking, creating a bunch of tapping monkeys who experience an existential crisis if some app doesn’t work?”

The Attention Economy

PsychologyThe Attention Economy

The modern economy increasingly revolves around the limited human attention span and how products capture it. An article by Lexie Kane (Nielsen Norman Group).

Benjamin Evans: The power of inclusive design

PodcastBenjamin Evans: The power of inclusive design

Eli and Aarron chat with Benjamin about using techniques like design thinking, research, and storytelling to ensure a more inclusive experience for people.

Designing for accessibility is not that hard

PractiseDesigning for accessibility is not that hard

Seven easy-to-implement guidelines to design a more accessible web, shared by Pablo Stanley from UX Collective.

Are Users Really Stupid?

Thinking“Are Users Really Stupid?”

Building new models is hard because it requires involving the reflective system of our mind. But it's clear, isn't it? — a piece by Vitaly Dulenko

Horizontal Attention Leans Left

BehaviourHorizontal Attention Leans Left

In this study from 2017, Therese Fessenden explains people's attention span on screen's layout. Is it valid for people outside of the western cultures?


July 2019

This month we like

User Experience

3DZdog, pseudo-3D engine

Zdog is a 3D JavaScript engine for <canvas> and SVG. You can design and render simple 3D models for the Web.

Brand creation key study

Case StudyCrypt TV identity by Dog Studio

Designing a brand set on creating culture-changing monster stories that bring the world closer together.

19 Things We’re Dying to Redesign

Question19 Things We’re Dying to Redesign

Elise Craig from IDEO shares a list of services and interaction systems that may need to be revamped.

Simple but different

WebsiteDesigner as Writer

Stas Aki wrote a guide on applying writing practise to design: “I discovered that many of the principles attributed to good writing apply to design as well.” – Enjoy this original format!


Quote of the month

"Because your job isn't to impress people with how smart you are. It's to persuade your audience into taking action."

Miguel Ferreira (from the Nishi newsletter)