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September 2016   IT Tips and TechSolutions News   Vol. 6 No. 9

The dangers of file sharing services

by Rich Kenney, Vice President, TechSolutions, Inc.

Brian DevitoThink of the last time you worked a full day without sharing a document or a picture with a coworker or a friend. You probably can’t. Many times, that task is performed with standard email attachments, but file sharing services like Dropbox, Box, and SugarSync are used just as often. While the practice of using such sharing services is perfectly acceptable in the world of personal computing, special considerations need to be accounted for when put into a business setting.

Unfortunately, many business owners do not realize the gravity of the situation and thus allow/condone the practice of using personal-grade services to share files with coworkers, customers, and vendors. Those free services have no place in today’s business environment, yet they are used constantly in all sectors.

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