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The Potter's Village - Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the Potter's Village Newsletter.

Issue 3. 2023

In this Issue

NEW equipment for the Medical Centre!
Shaping Lives Appeal
Rehabilitation Unit
Crops at Potter's Village
Animals at Potter's Village
Christmas Cards & Alternative gifts
Staff Christmas!
New children
Resettled children
Can we visit your church?
Please pray for us

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NEW equipment for the Medical Centre!

The Medical Centre has recently been able to partner with the FRE02 Foundation who have installed 2 free oxygen concentrators and an oxygen cylinder.  This system serves five babies at any given time and means that staff can provide oxygen for more patients. 

FREO2 Foundation (FREO2) is a global not-for-profit organisation that aims to reduce the number of deaths of babies and children suffering from pneumonia or hypoxia in low-and-middle-income countries.  To read more about what they do click on this link to be redirected to their website. 

Shaping Lives Appeal

We are appealing for 23 NEW Child Sponsors in 2023!  Become part of the team supporting vulnerable babies in Uganda who need Potter's Village to help reshape their lives. During the last year Potter's Village has seen an influx in babies who have been abandoned or who have lost their mothers soon after birth.  This increase has been due partly to the rise in the number of refugees fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo into the UNHCR camps near Kisoro. 

To watch a short YouTube video on the appeal click here.

We are incredibly grateful for all those who already give in any way they can, but in order for the project to keep helping the most vulnerable babies and be a shining light in the community in Kisoro, we are appealing for more Child Sponsors. To set up a Child Sponsorship donation, click on this link to be redirected to the website and the donation form. Thank you!

Rehabilitation Unit

The numbers in the physiotherapy unit have continued to increase. The Diocese has supported the project by giving equipment but also mobilizing the community about the need of physiotherapy services. As a result of this, the numbers being seen in the unit are overwhelming. 

This little boy is 6 years old, but cannot stand, talk and is unable to feed himself.  The Physio assistants are doing all they can to support him and his mother.  

The challenge now is that we do not have physiotherapist. All the Children who attend the unit are seen by only the assistants. There is an urgent need for a qualified physiotherapist with some experience. It has become hard to get one because we do not have enough funds to pay one. If you are able to support the unit by donations please do get in touch or make a donation.  

Crops at Potter's Village

The crops in the PV garden are growing well and help support the project by providing food for our crisis centre children.  Currently there are really good crops of carrots, potatoes and chard. 

If anyone is interesting in donating vegetable seeds for PV, please do get in touch. Thanks!


Animals at Potter's Village

Potter's Village currently has cows and rabbits. The cows provide milk for our resident crisis centre children and the rabbit proejct is still being trialed but they are being bred to sell for meat.  All of these projects take up the time of the Administraor to oversea, but it is hoped that they can provide some income and sustainability for PV.  

Christmas Cards & Alternative gifts

We still have Christmas cards and Alternative gifts available to buy.

Please click on this link to visit our website and place and order for Christmas cards or download an order form for the Alternative gifts. 

We really appreciate all your support, thank you!





Staff Christmas!

The staff will again receive a Christmas parcel this year to thank them for all their hard work and dedication to this project.

All staff will be given a food parcel containing rice, sugar, cooking oil and soap.

If you would like to support Potter's by donating to the cost of the gifts, please click on this link to be re-directed to our donation page. Thank you!

New children

During the last few months we have received 5 new babies into the crisis centre and we currently have 15 resident children. 

Bahati was a premature baby who came into our special care nursery for support.  However whilst she was a patient her Mother abandoned her, so she has been admitted to the crisis centre until we can trace her family. 

Joshua, Annet, James and Owen have all lost their mothers soon after birth.  Sadly maternal death rates are still so high in Uganda and it is devastating for these families.  We are so privileged to be able to support them and their babies in a time of great need and to care for these tiny babies until they are strong enough to be resettled with their family.

If you would like to support one of these babies by becoming a child sponsor, please click on this link to visit our website and the shaping lives appeal, where you can set up monthly giving.  Thank you. 

Resettled children

We have recently resettled three babies. Gift, Moses and Lucky.

All these three children have been placed in short term Foster homes. At the moment we don't have suitable homes willing to care for these children long term. We are currently searching for more families willing to do this.  Even some of our hard working staff, foster children from the crisis centre, which is amazing.


Please pray that we find more suitable and supportive families for fostering. 

Can we visit your church?

A team made up of a number of FoPV Trustees and volunteers will be visiting Potter's Village again in earlier 2024.  They will be visiting to support the project as well as getting updated on the work.

We have some fantastic presentations and videos made recently. If you would like someone to visit your Church or community group in 2024 to update you on the current and future plans for Potter's Village, then please get in touch with Ruth.



Please pray for us

We thank God

  • For the Crisis Centre, that it can continue to care for all those babies in need
  • For the Child sponsors making such a huge difference to children's lives
  • For the Rehab Centre and its work
  • The animals and crops at PV and how they help nourish the children and support the project
  • The commitment of the PV staff to their work.
  • For all those supporters across the world praying and giving to this work.
  • For those around the world fundraising to buy equipment like new costs and CPAP machines
  • For the FRE02 Foundation 
  • For the staff and their dedication to this work

Please pray

  • For stability in the economy in Uganda, families are struggling
  • For maternal health and pre and antenatal care, we are seeing high numbers of maternal death
  • For the children re-settled in the community that they may be cared for and thrive.
  • For all staff, whatever their roll that they feel valued and show compassion to all those needing the support of Potter’s Village
  • For the children recently admitted to PV, that they may feel loved despite such a difficult start to life.
  • For Idah (Administrator) and Board of Governors as they manage Potter’s Village
  • Friends of Potter’s Village, that they will continue to have sufficient income and for good stewardship of donated funds.
  • Please pray for the Changing lives appeal and more Child sponsors
  • We find more long-term foster carers