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Happy New Year! Here you will find out about a Global Health workshop opportunity, the 2019 Newton Prize winners in China and Indonesia, and an article from Professor Berat Haznedaroğlu and Emily Hughes on the sustainable uses of algae.

Upcoming Deadlines

23 January 2020: South Asia-focused skill and capacity development workshop exploring the theme of Global Health. The workshop takes place in London in April 2020.

Newton Prize 2019: China

The first Newton Prize 2019 winner was announced on Wednesday night in Beijing. The winning project addresses the global challenge of urban development as cities expand and populations grow old. The work led to improved transportation services, and better access and suitability of services for the elderly.

Newton Prize 2019 winners from Indonesia and the UK on stage with Heather Wheeler, UK Minister for Asia and the Pacific and Professor Bambang Brodjonegoro, Minister of Research and Technology/Head of National Research and Innovation Agency © Newton Prize 2019
Newton Prize 2019: Indonesia

The second Newton Prize 2019 winner was announced at an event in Jakarta on 14 January.  The winning UK-Indonesia partnership is helping to protect coastal communities from the devastation caused by coastal hazards such as flooding and tsunamis. The research has improved Indonesia’s capacity to deal with these events through better communications and warning procedures.

FameLab 2020

Want to improve your communication skills?  Keen to talk about your research in front of a public audience?  Ready to join a global network of science communicators and win a trip to the Cheltenham Science Festival?

Find out if your country is participating in FameLab 2020 and learn how you can get involved.

Applications from UK participants are being accepted until 28 February 2020.

Photo © Poyraz Tütüncü
What can you make with algae?

Professor Berat Haznedaroğlu of Boğaziҫi University in Istanbul tells us about current algae research and how it is proving important in the fight against carbon emissions.

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