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ASPHN Releases "The Role of Nutrition in Infant Mortality — A Public Health Perspective"

The Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN) is pleased to announce the release of The Role of Nutrition in Infant Mortality — A Public Health Perspective. This brief summarizes the impact of nutrition on infant mortality and identifies areas where nutrition interventions can make a difference in reducing infant mortality. It also describes the critical role that public health nutritionists play in preventing infant mortality. The brief includes a Call to Action for public health nutritionists and identifies four strategies, that if achieved, will better integrate nutrition into infant mortality prevention efforts.

"Nutrition is an integral component of infant mortality reduction efforts," says Kim DeDino, MS, RD, LD, former chair of the MCH Nutrition Council. "Public health nutritionists play many important roles in reducing infant mortality. The role of public health nutrition ranges from assessment and counseling to supporting access to care," adds DeDino.

The brief is aimed at professionals who are working to reduce infant mortality within their community at the state, city, town, worksite or other levels. It provides background and recommendations on how to include nutrition within infant mortality reduction efforts. 

"Available data and current practice reinforce the importance of nutrition prior to and during pregnancy," states Robin Stanton, MA, RD, LD. "However, evidence also indicates that there is ample room for improvement in supporting pregnant women to eat a healthy diet and gain appropriate weight. Nutrition should be integrated into activities directed at reducing infant mortality," concludes Stanton. 

For more information about The Role of Nutrition in Infant Mortality — A Public Health Perspective, please contact Helene Kent

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