Since 2019, Australia has seen bushfires, heatwaves and floods that have brought chaos and trauma to many communities. It is no surprise that 60% of the people who responded to The Conversation’s recent #SetTheAgenda poll listed climate change as the most important issue in the 2022 election.

Yet so far in the campaign, the nuts and bolts of climate policy have received scant attention from the major parties. This sort of disconnect is precisely why the US journalism academic Jay Rosen says it is a form of professional negligence for the media to let politicians determine the topics that get discussed.

Politicians have a vested interest in only talking about the things that might help them win office. Important issues that provide no tactical advantage simply drop off the agenda.

This is where The Conversation aims to make a difference. We are guided by our audience and the experts in determining what matters most. We have published more than 5,700 articles on climate science since 2011, and we aren’t going to stop now. Today, five experts rate the major parties on their climate policies. (Spoiler alert: they could try harder.)

At The Conversation we are dedicated to delivering this sort of unfashionable but important journalism because we believe that in a healthy democracy everyone should have access to the best available information, not just a small elite. We all get a say in our collective future. That means everyone needs to be well informed.

If you agree that this matters, please consider making a contribution to our 2022 annual donations campaign. The Conversation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to sharing the sort of quality information necessary for a healthy democracy to function. Every year, almost 20,000 community-minded people make a donation of whatever they can afford to support this work. Please make a donation and help us make a difference.

Misha Ketchell


How do the major parties rate on climate policies? We asked 5 experts

Jake Whitehead, The University of Queensland; Ian Lowe, Griffith University; Johanna Nalau, Griffith University; Matt McDonald, The University of Queensland; Samantha Hepburn, Deakin University

Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time – so what have the Coalition and the Labor party actually promised? Five experts grade different aspects of their climate policies.

Times are tough, and may get tougher, so where can Australians find strong political leadership?

James Walter, Monash University

Neither Scott Morrison nor Anthony Albanese has so far impressed with strong leadership skills - but the Labor leader may offer a different style of leadership that might suit the times.

Can taking vitamins and supplements help you recover from COVID?

Treasure McGuire, The University of Queensland

Sales of vitamins are booming in pandemic times. But is there any evidence that vitamin and mineral supplements can protect you from COVID or help you recover from infection?

How a volcanic bombardment in ancient Australia led to the world’s greatest climate catastrophe

Timothy Chapman, University of New England; Ian Metcalfe, University of New England; Luke Milan, University of New England

Research has found evidence in NSW for one the most devastating series of volcanic eruptions known.

Grace and Frankie is the longest running series on Netflix – and a show for women who don’t see themselves on television

Mandy Treagus, University of Adelaide

Older women and gay men both rarely see themselves reflected on the small screen.

What is BookTok, and how is it influencing what Australian teenagers read?

Katya Johanson, Deakin University; Amy Schoonens, Queensland University of Technology; Bronwyn Reddan, Deakin University; Leonie Rutherford, Deakin University; Michael Dezuanni, Queensland University of Technology

Pre-pandemic, reading rates among teenagers were falling. But BookTok, a subculture of social media platform TikTok, has made teens read more often – and influences what they read. Here’s how it works.

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