Large demonstrations continued across the United States this weekend, commemorating Juneteenth, protesting police violence and declaring, above all, that Black lives matter. The protests, which began in late May following the police killing of George Floyd, are generally described as anti-racism – and that they are. But, says Lilian Bobea, a Dominican Republic-born scholar of human rights movements in Latin America, this sustained American protest wave also looks a lot like the pro-democracy, anti-authoritarian movements she studies.

Catesby Holmes

Religion Editor | International Editor

Protesters cross the Brooklyn Bridge on June 19, 2020 – Juneteenth – in the United States’ third straight week of protest. Pablo Monsalve / VIEWpress via Getty Images

George Floyd protests aren’t just anti-racist – they are anti-authoritarian

Lilian Bobea, Fitchburg State University

Unrest in the US looks familiar to Latin Americans, who are accustomed to resisting undemocratic governments – and to their protest movements being met with violent suppression.


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