What if, each time you moved home, you were charged $30,000? That’s the reality for home buyers in most states of Australia, who pay stamp duty as well as paying the removalists.

If you need to move multiple times for your job, after a while you won’t be able to afford to.

Nick Garvin from the e61 Institute has estimated the effect of this on people’s ability to move to a new home.

He says in New South Wales alone, stamp duty stops 100,000 people moving per year. In Victoria, it’s almost as high, at 90,000.

Also this morning, our panel of leading economists counsels Prime Minister Anthony Albanese against “thinking big” when it comes to supporting green energy.

Albanese says he wants to go “toe-to-toe” with the massive Inflation Reduction Act that’s turning the United States into a solar, wind and battery powerhouse.

But the panel says if our government is going to support innovative industries, it should support all kinds, and not just specifically green ones.

Peter Martin

Economics Editor

Stamp duty is holding us back from moving homes – we’ve worked out how much

Nick Garvin, Macquarie University

New estimates suggest that if just one state, New South Wales, scrapped its stamp duty, an extra 100,000 Australians would move homes each year.

Economists say Australia shouldn’t try to transition to net zero by aping the mammoth US Inflation Reduction Act

Peter Martin, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wants Australia to go “toe to toe” with the US in supporting green energy. Leading economists surveyed by the Economic Society are unimpressed.

Outrage is a key performance indicator for Peter Dutton, the ‘bad cop’ of politics. But what does he value?

Judith Brett, La Trobe University

In his second Quarterly Essay, Lech Blaine tries to make sense of former Queensland policeman Peter Dutton. Who is he? What drives him? And what does he hope to achieve if he wins government?

Bunnings has toppled Woolworths as Australia’s most ‘trusted’ brand – what makes us trust a brand in the first place?

Louise Grimmer, University of Tasmania

Despite growing wariness of supermarkets, Australians have an enduring trust for retail brands that sets us apart from other countries.

There’s an extra $1 billion on the table for NT schools. This could change lives if spent well

Ruth Wallace, Charles Darwin University; Sally Knipe, Charles Darwin University; Tracy Woodroffe, Charles Darwin University

The federal and NT governments have just made a ‘historic’ funding announcement of about $1 billion for schools in the territory.

Guerrilla festival no-photo2024 is highlighting the unseen work of Palestinian photographers in Gaza

Cherine Fahd, University of Technology Sydney

The anonymous artists and activists behind no-photo2024 are highlighting the exclusion of Palestinian photographers from PHOTO2024.

Narendra Modi’s economy isn’t booming for India’s unemployed youth. So, why is his party favoured to win another election?

Ian Hall, Griffith University

Modi’s party has struggled to generate jobs for young people, but is highly adept at marshalling votes to win elections.

Something felt ‘off’ – how AI messed with our human research, and what we learned

Alexandra Gibson, Te Herenga Waka — Victoria University of Wellington; Alex Beattie, Te Herenga Waka — Victoria University of Wellington

Responses to our qualitative survey suggested artificial intelligence was at play. The results were woeful, and researchers will need to work harder to prevent contaminated outcomes.

Why is toddler milk so popular? Follow the money

Jennifer McCann, Deakin University; Karleen Gribble, Western Sydney University; Naomi Hull, University of Sydney

Toddler milk is high in sugar and can leave toddlers reluctant to try new foods. It’s also heavily marketed to time-poor parents. We’re worried.

Smart meters haven’t delivered the promised benefits to electricity users. Here’s a way to fix the problems

Ali Pourmousavi Kani, University of Adelaide; Rui Yuan, University of Adelaide

The amount of detailed real-time data a smart grid needs to manage the push for electrification and renewables presents challenges – but there’s an affordable solution.

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