George Pell, a former top Vatican official and Australia’s highest-ranked Catholic figure, died yesterday in Rome from complications following surgery. Pell, who spent 13 months in jail in 2019 for child sexual abuse but maintained his innocence and was later acquitted, will be remembered most vividly for his trials, writes historian Miles Pattenden.

“All in all, Pell had an important impact on making Australia central to the church but that will be overshadowed by the accusation he didn’t do enough to stop abuse by priests and by his own court cases,” writes Pattenden, who studies the history of the papacy and the Catholic Church.

Pell’s public personality was “as a political bruiser who was simply able to sweep aside opposition, which is what allowed him to ascend the hierarchy so quickly,” writes Pattenden, noting Pell’s death may be triggering for abuse survivors more broadly.

“Many adults in the Catholic church and other institutions failed children in a lot of ways and it’s important we remember survivors of abuse and the profound effect public discussion of this case will have on them.”

Sunanda Creagh

Senior Editor

George Pell: a ‘political bruiser’ whose church legacy will be overshadowed by child abuse allegations

Miles Pattenden, Australian Catholic University

Pell, often described as a conservative Catholic, was jailed for child sexual abuse in Australia in 2019 but maintained his innocence and was acquitted the following year.

What now for Brazil? President Lula strengthened, but Bolsonaro supporters won’t go quietly

Deborah Barros Leal Farias, UNSW Sydney

Rather than weaken or oust Lula, the riots seem to have paradoxically strengthened the president politically.

Brazil insurrection: how so many Brazilians came to attack their own government

Guilherme Casarões, São Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV/EAESP)

Ousted right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro had been mobilising supporters with talk of electoral fraud.

Spare: how the soap opera around Prince Harry’s memoir will affect the royal brand

Pauline Maclaran, Royal Holloway University of London

The drama around the revelations in Harry’s book are just the latest episode in the royal soap.

The housing wealth gap between older and younger Australians has widened alarmingly in the past 30 years. Here’s why

Rachel Ong ViforJ, Curtin University; Christopher Phelps, Curtin University

The gap in housing wealth between older and younger Australians has widened from 161% to 234% – making it almost half as big again.

New report shows alarming changes in the entire global water cycle

Albert Van Dijk, Australian National University

Globally, the air is getting hotter and drier, which means flash droughts and risky fire conditions are developing faster and more frequently.

Stop hating on pasta – it actually has a healthy ratio of carbs, protein and fat

Emma Beckett, University of Newcastle

Low carb diets are popular and pasta is often in the firing line for those who think it might contribute to weight gain. But your favourite dinner is being unfairly maligned!

North Korea: record number of missile tests in 2022 has raised fears of nuclear confrontation with the South

Christoph Bluth, University of Bradford

North Korea’s provocative regime of missile testing has prompted the South to designate it as an enemy.

Tesla: what 2023 holds for the electric vehicle company and why it might be time for Musk to go

Peter Wells, Cardiff University

Some believe Musk’s attentions have been divided since he bought Twitter in 2022.

The Parthenon marbles: George Osborne wants to return the statues to Athens, but can he? A legal expert explains

John Picton, University of Liverpool

The British Museum appears close to a decision on returning the Elgin marbles – here’s how it might navigate the legal challenges.

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