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Injectable weight loss drugs are relatively new, but they’re already extraordinarily popular: More than 15 million Americans have used them, according to the polling group Gallup. At the same time, an industry that barely existed just a few years ago has grown into a multibillion-dollar cash cow.

But a court case in Pennsylvania could shake up the industry – regardless of who wins. Several dozen legal actions against the makers of weight loss drugs have been rolled up into one big court case. The lawsuits allege patients weren’t properly warned about the medications’ risks. The manufacturers reject those claims.

Setting aside the eventual outcome, the very fact that there is a legal battle could affect the market for those drugs, health law professor Ana Santos Rutschman notes. It could also have unintended consequences for faith in the Food and Drug Administration.

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Tracy Walsh

Economy + Business Editor

David J. Phillip/AP Photo

Lawsuit could challenge trust in Ozempic and other popular weight loss drugs

Ana Santos Rutschman, Villanova School of Law

The future of the blockbuster drugs could hinge on a trial in Pennsylvania.

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