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We May Have UGLY Faces but...

...what we lack in dashing good looks, we make up for with dynamic branding solutions and originality in attractive advertising campaigns 

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5 Reasons We're Still Sailing

From sailing excursions and luxurious property viewings to rubbing shoulders with a diversity of professionals across the Virgin Islands, we continue to keep the region entertained with our publications.

It takes consistent ingenuity and innovation to produce creative marketing solutions and run a monthly publication - find out how we adopt the challenge here

Brand New Stuff!

The third edition of BVI Newbie has had its most popular year with almost all copies of the publication distributed to residents and visitors across the region and beyond. The guide continues to act as the central hub of information, garnishing its popularity. 

Our upcoming forth edition--Newbie 2014--will contain brand new never-seen-before content like the CHEAPEST MOSQUITO TRAP EVER! and a community/social section as well as a fresh design and layout...

Newbie Online has built fire rapidly and continues to provide articles written by island residents, who generously impart their advice to assist the BVI community. 

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If you are interested in helping the community by writing for Newbie Online, contact newbie@alookingglass.com


Say hi to "Mo" Maros Pristas - Web Master & SEO Guru

Maros Pristas —our experienced web developer—hurled himself across the pond from Eastern Europe in the final quarter of 2012. His vocation lies in his vast pool of knowledge consisting of methods in acquiring success in online strategy.

Mo's skills lie in lead generation—which he successfully conducted for Vodafone—Web Design and Search Engine Optimization. He also claims expert proficiency over the use of a Light Saber.

Meet our newest recruit Scott Taylor - Design and Layout + Wake-boarding Extraordinaire

Scott Taylor—who joined us at the beginning of 2013—is a highly proficient graphic designer.

Scott has had over 10 years of experience in the graphics and advertising universe. His shining accomplishment as Design Director on International Burger King Kids included promotions Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, Transformers and Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

When not submerged in his creative talents, Scott can be found at one of the BVI’s paradisiacal locations, putting his passion for water activities to action.

Got to ENJOY doing what you do


- By close of this week, the voting for our VIPY Readers' Choice Awards will come to and end and we will celebrate the winners at our annual October Ceremony (TBC)

- VIPY magazine will be present at the following international boat shows...

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