December 2021


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What a year!

Covid and its constraints have been with us for two years now. Some companies have unfortunately  not survived it, others are gritting their teeth while the luckiest keep going strong.

We wish you health, solidarity and support during this festive season. See you next year!

- The Antistatique Design Team

Women in design

EqualityWomen in design

And you... Can you name 5 women designers?

Type Design School

CourseType Design School

In this all-comprehensive course, students will learn about the foundations of type design, how to get started on designing their first typeface, and how to plan out a series of styles.

Design-Pattern Guidelines

Study GuideDesign-Pattern Guidelines

This article lists some of our content that provides specific guidelines on designing a variety of interface patterns, from toggle switches to navigations tabs.

10 Auto-Layout Tips in Figma

Tips10 Auto-Layout Tips in Figma

Point 6 will interest everyone 😉



"WOOOOOOW a directory of environmentally friendly websites"

Accessibility Myths

AccessibilityAccessibility Myths

A small project debunking common accessibility myths.


Point of view

Happy and proud

To stop and reflect on the work accomplished

At the end of year, we often found ourselves exhausted and looking forward to a break to rest and start anew.

So we pause and look back with you in order to celebrate what has been done this year. The work of more than 20 persons over the year is substantial, so let’s have a quick peek at the projects we have published this year.

We have collaborated on several nice campaigns for clients as diverse as the museums of Neuchâtel or la Vinothèque. The Fribourg daily newspaper "La Liberté" chose us to design and develop two websites to celebrate their 150th anniversary, more details on our portfolio. To our great pleasure, we helped  the Theodora Foundation to give a makeover to their site. Holdibat worked with us to create its website and those of its subsidiaries.

We also look forward to continuing to collaborate on new and existing projects in 2022. The Colis du Coeur commissioned us to create their volunteers management application. We are in the middle of a complete overhaul of the Cinémathèque suisse's website. And the HEP Vaud is trusting us with the redesign of their web design ecosystem.

And many new challenges await us, keep your fingers crossed for us!



December 2021

This month we like


IA • Raclette World

Raclette.World is the first raclette calculator, based on an artificial intelligence post-quantum.

Base Emoji to Scale

Emoji lovers • Base Emoji to Scale

Your favorite emojis. To scale (more or less).


App • WOMBO Dream

Create beautiful artwork using the power of AI!


Website • Hyperframe

Sexy website for a not sexy product !


Quote of the month

"All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !" ⭐️


Mariah Carey


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