There’s a quiet shift under way. You might even be part of it, if you’ve bought or ridden an electric scooter or bike. Electrification isn’t just for cars. The combination of solar, the cheapest form of power ever devised, and ever-cheaper lithium ion batteries have made it possible for every land-based form of transport to go electric. Motorbikes? Yep. Tractors? Yep. Freight trains? Yep.

As Peter Newman writes, this is nothing short of a revolution. After a false start in the early 20th century, electric mobility is back. It offers immunity to oil price spikes and geopolitical uncertainty, as well as cleaner air and quieter cities.

Yet so far, none of our largest political parties has focused on electrifying our transport more broadly than just encouraging the takeup of electric cars. That has to change.

Doug Hendrie

Commissioning Editor

Beyond electric cars: how electrifying trucks, buses, tractors and scooters will help tackle climate change

Peter Newman, Curtin University

Electric cars are important - but we can now electrify all land-based transport, from buses to bikes to trucks. We need good policy settings.

From dummy spits to a ‘sleaze machine’: Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers is a delectable account of a soap opera family

Giselle Bastin, Flinders University

A new book telling the story of the last 25 years of the House of Windsor reveals a family that briefs against each other freely.

Gentleman pirates, shipwrecks and Stede Bonnet: what Our Flag Means Death gets right about the Golden Age of Piracy

Terry Goldsworthy, Bond University; Gaelle Brotto

The life of the famous pirate Stede Bonnet has been turned into a ridiculous comedy in Our Flag Means Death – but who was the real gentleman pirate from history?

We’ve used a new technique to discover the brightest radio pulsar outside our own galaxy

Yuanming Wang, University of Sydney; David Kaplan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Tara Murphy, University of Sydney

The pulsar PSR J0523-7125 is more than ten times brighter than any other radio pulsar outside the Milky Way.

Clive Palmer, his money and his billboards are back. What does this mean for the 2022 federal election?

Susan Harris Rimmer, Griffith University

Clive Palmer is running candidates all around the country and spending big. But so far, the United Australia Party vote is only around 4%.

Labor says power prices are going up. The Coalition says they aren’t. Who’s right?

Hugh Saddler, Australian National University

Australia’s wholesale electricity prices increased by 69% in the first quarter. But the competing claims about what that means are hard to decipher.

For first homebuyers, it’s Labor’s Help to Buy versus the Coalition’s New Home Guarantee. Which is better?

Rachel Ong ViforJ, Curtin University

Labor’s scheme will get people into homeownership who would have otherwise missed out. The Coalition’s will get people already likely to buy into houses sooner.

Find out what threatened plants and animals live in your electorate (and what your MP can do about it)

Gareth Kindler, The University of Queensland; James Watson, The University of Queensland; Nick Kelly, Queensland University of Technology

The goal of our new web app is to help users engage with their elected representatives and put imperilled species on the political agenda this election and beyond.

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