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Newsletter 2019 - #11

25 June 2019

Hey Racers!
Great to see so many late registrations. We will close all race-related registrations at 2 pm on Friday.

The weather forecast looks challenging - we encourage everybody to pack appropriate clothing and we strongly recommend a wetsuit for the paddling section.



*** All race updates and possible course changes will be posted at our Event Info page  -->  areextremechallenge.se/eventinfo

  • Race Office, Copperhill Mountain Lodge is open Thur (13-18) and Fri (10-18). Pick up race numbers, change class, purchase gear transport, stickers, Clif Bars, extra t shirts.
  • Friday night dinner 18.45.  Spots still available if purchased via email reservations@copperhill.se by the Wednesday at the latest.
  • Saturday night buffet 17.30-20.00 is SOLD OUT. You can get on a waiting list here.  For those attending, please arrive early to ensure we have space for everyone: it will be a big crowd!
  • After party. Everybody is invited to the race film and extend slide show at 20.00 in the Lobby. No ticket or waiting list needed!
  • Parking (see maps). Due to limiting parking at Copperhill Mountain Lodge we encourage everybody to carpool or take the free bus on Fri and Sat nights.   At Draklanda (lake class start & transition 1) there is no parking on the north side of the road. See details in map link above: zoom in to see where to park.



Paddling - RIVER CLASS. 

  • Water level predictions look good: RIVER CLASS will most likely paddle the river, but a final decision will not be made until Thursday. We may require a wetsuit for participants: Read more in our latest Instagram post here


  • In 2019, Lake DUO and TEAM classes are portaging around the grassy transition area "Draklanda" in the opposite direction (Not relevant for Lake SOLO class, which includes a 10 km paddle without a portage).  


Mountain biking

  • Course is now marked. More single track in 2019! Read more here.
  • We thank our sponsors VSV and Ett Två Trä for their contribution to new wooden bike racks in the Huså transition for both ÅEC and RnB! 




No food/water on course

  • We will NOT be providing energy on the course, but you will get a Clif Bar at the finish line :)   You can also purchase Clif products (bars, gels and blocks) at great prices at Race Office.

Invite friends and family!

  • We created a new spectator map so you know where and when to watch racers, and where to park. 

Paddling tips from Mikael Lindnord

  • We asked Mikael Lindnord for his best tips for ÅEC’s paddling section. See our latest (saved) Instagram story at instagram.com/areextreme/



  • OutdoorExperten is offering 20% off ALTRA shoes with code “ALTRA” .  Rebate based on regular price, cannot be combined with other offers. 



Tännforsen, the start for RIVER CLASS, has now been designated a nature reserve by the regional government. We are honored to be able to carry on the tradition of ÅEC at this special place and want to stress the importance of following the rules in the reserve to ensure we can continue to use this unique area. Note that the following is not allowed:

  • collection of species (exception berries and mushrooms)
  • climbing in trees with bird life or nests or disturbing the animals.
  • impacting the land,  vegetation, trees, or deadwood negatively
  • fires, except in designated areas with your own wood
  • no motorized vechicles
  • mountain biking (except specially designated MTB trails)
  • rock climbing in the mist-covered area around the waterfall

   Read more here.


C U In Åre

Scott, Henrik, and Martin



Altra Copperhill Nord Lock