Spirituality begins to have real meaning in our lives as we begin to exhibit simultaneously the holiness of God and the love of God. We never do this perfectly, but we must look to the living Christ to help us to do it truly. (Francis A Schaeffer, The Great Evangelical Disaster)

Crisis - Danger!

In one of our plenary sessions at the Thun Global Consultation last year, CB Samuel said that something that caught my attention. What we need is not more teaching but more obedience to what we have heard.

The type of obedience he was referring to is not the legalistic rules that condemn judgementally. Rather it is the obedience that flows from the presence of God, the fear of the Lord, a desire to respond in holiness and love. It is the basic spiritual response to truth of the Gospel.

2 Timothy 3:1-9: Paul shares a serious concern with Timothy, alerting him to the most dangerous issue we face today.

People will be lovers of themselves!

Loving themselves results in an inability to love good or to love others – as verse 3 explains people are “without love”, as they lose the ability to feel love for anyone else other than themselves. The signs and symptoms of loving self is an increasing love for money and for pleasure as this adds to the infatuation of self. Our media and cultural trends promote this increasingly:

• Magazines increasingly focus on how to promote and display oneself above others
• Advertisements tell us to buy products for ourselves “because we are worth it”
• Society values prioritise and link happiness and pleasure as rights for individuals

The danger and the real crisis though is that this warning by Paul is being addressed to believers – to us. We have a form of godliness but deny its power (verse 5). James 1: 22 inspires us to not merely listen to the Word and so deceive ourselves. Do what it says. The more we listen and learn and yet do not respond, the more dangerous it becomes. We become disempowered and disengaged, while still going through the motions of church life. The world no longer respects or responds to the message of hope because the life we exhibit does not match it.

Ezekiel 16:46 tells us that the real sin of Sodom was arrogance, greed (gluttony) and unconcern for the poor and needy. It was not the presence of immorality and evil in Sodom that led to its downfall. Rather it was the absence of righteousness.

Leaders: As Christian leaders in our ministries in mission, we need to take heed of this crisis and urgently seek the presence of God. God won’t give us his presence unless we give him our presence. We cannot afford to simply go through the motions of a “good life” – we need to get rid of anything that entangles or snares us and run the race God has set for us. Allow no room for secret sin. To love as God loves, to serve with integrity and passion, to be filled with the Holy Spirit and walk the way of Christ each day.

Transformation: being ready to lead by example towards all that God has for us.

Lord, we do not want to be luke warm, having only a form of godliness, but lacking any real power for transformation. Forgive us for our duplicity. Draw us into your presence, helping us to obediently respond to your truth no matter what the consequence.

Lord – you are love. Show us how to love as you love.

Theme Focus: Refugees

Syria – Responding

As this violence and destruction continue we want to invite all our Micah Network members who are responding to share with us what they are doing, facing and how we as a network can stand together with them.

World Renew (formerly CRWRC): is partnering with local organisations in Damascus, Syria and in the Bekaa Valley region of Lebanon. Within Syria, the response is focused on providing assistance through local churches (of all denominations) to those in need – including food assistance, rent assistance, blankets and hygiene items to families, as well as health and counselling services. The main objective is to meet the immediate needs of families affected by the humanitarian crisis in order to enable people to maintain their health and well-being. For more information see here

Lord we pray for:

Each partner of the World Renew as they touch lives with urgent assistance. We pray that the resources needed will be accessed and delivered in a timely manner. Protect their efforts Lord, and surround these families with your presence.

Each World Renew staff member, that they would be energised and able to perceive where the aid is most needed. Lord, may they know your hand on their lives as they serve.

Heart for Lebanon: works with local churches in Lebanon, assisting them to host refugee families from Syria, providing relief assistance where needed. For more information see here.


Lord, we pray for:

Each family that is being hosted and cared for by local churches. May they know your love and restoration through the care shown.

Protection and opportunities for the local churches in Lebanon and Jordan to respond in practical and relevant ways.

Refugee Highway Partnership: has developed a set of principles for best practices when working with refugees

Lord we pray that all who are involved in serving refugees would carefully consider how to love and care for these special people.

Standing together: Please share with Micah Network if your organisation is working in the Syrian crisis and let us know how we can pray and stand with you.

Member Focus: Malaysia

Malaysia has been a significant trading link throughout its history, which made it of strategic interest in 18th and 19th Centuries. Malaysia gained its independence from Britain in 1957 and today it is formed by a federation of thirteen states, two (Sabah and Sarawak) which are located on the East Island alongside Borneo (Indonesia).

Leadership: A federated state with a constitutional monarchy

Head of State (King) is Tuanku Abdul Halim, who was appointed in December 2011. The role of King is rotated every 5 years amongst the Sultans of the nine Malay kingdoms.

Prime Minister: Najib Abdul Razak, who came into leader in April 2009. Mr Najib comes from a family of politicians. His father was prime minster and so was his uncle. On election as prime minister Mr Najib promised a number of radical reforms:
- A more transparent government
- A more inclusive ethnic and religious environment
To date, this has not been evident, with focus being of quelling political or opposition dissent.

Economic: Malaysia was a rapidly developing economic country with exports of rubber, palm oil, petroleum and wood. It is one of the leading countries for production of computer disk drives. Malaysia is ranked 61 on the HDI (Human Development Index).

Social: Population is about 29 million, with 60% of the population being made of the ethnic Malay. A further 28% of the population are Chinese and 12% South and Southeast Asian peoples. Women are still marginalised though nearly 60% of adult women have attained secondary education. 14% of parliament seats are held by women.

Faith: Malaysia is a multi ethnic and multi religious society with Sunni Islam is the predominant official religion in Malaysian. Religious freedom for all faiths is constitutionally guaranteed though there is mounting pressure for the application of Sharia Law.

Micah Network Members: There are 3 members in Malaysia:

Interserve International: Interserve is an interdenominational and international community of Christians, bringing God’s love to the peoples of Asia and the Arab World through word and action.

Malaysian Care: is an organisation offering diversified services such as residential care and community services and is strongly committed to community development. They inform, educate and encourage Christians to be involved with the poor and deprived, helping to set up social caring ministries across Malaysia

Individual Member: 1

Prayer Focus

Government: Lord we pray for greater accountability of government leaders who are willing to engage with issues of corruption, justice and discrimination. Thank you for the pledge for greater transparency – Lord remind and prompt Mr Najib to move towards this.

Economic: Lord, we are concerned that there is an increasing gap between the rich and the poor in Malaysia. Though the country has developed economic, the wealth remains in the hands of the few.

Integral Mission: The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) in Malaysia has the following vision “Transforming the Nation through the local church”.

Lord, we thank you for this inspiring vision and pray for a growing unity and cooperation between churches and organisations as they together seek to demonstrate your love for Malaysia. We pray your hand on Interseve International and Malaysian Care, seeking you to guide their work.

Prayer Points in Brief

Micah Challenge Coordinators Meeting: 6th to 8th March 2013, South Africa. Lord we pray for the important gathering that the planning, training and fellowship will be centre around you. Lord, as we focus on the EXPOSED campaign and move towards the MDG 2015 deadline, we pray a focused effort to raise awareness about extreme poverty and access to governments to prompt their action.

Micah Network Staff: Our former Asia Regional Coordinator, Sundar Daniel: pray for Sundar as he continues to look for a new role. Pray too for Ruth Alvarado, our Latin American Regional Coordinator as she plans for an Integral Mission and Arts conversation in Peru.

Membership 2013: please pray for members to make the most of being part of Micah Network. To seek for opportunities to cooperate and share together.