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Hurricane Delta: Situation Report #1

October 12, 2020

The Lake Charles/Jennings area of Louisiana hadn’t even caught its breath from Hurricane Laura when they braced for another storm that would march almost the same path of destruction.  On Friday, October 9, this already vulnerable area received the brunt of the Category 2 storm, Hurricane Delta.

The Hope Force Rapid Response Team is already on the ground speaking with area contacts and retracing our steps of assistance from Hurricane Laura.  What they have discovered is that ALL of our tarps have stayed intact — even amidst the 100 mph winds -- keeping homes dry.  Unfortunately, the number of other tarps that are now in tatters are innumerable Homeowners, who are already tired and weary, are facing a tremendous setback in their recovery process.  They are confronted with the knowledge that their homes are, yet again, compromised and their roofs damaged even more.  There is a sense from many, “I just can’t do this again!”

A Short Video of HFI Rapid Response Team Leaving for Louisiana Hurricane Delta Aftermath

We are presented an opportunity to re-engage with the Lake Charles/Jennings community — coming alongside them once again with compassion in action.  This time is a bit different, and maybe even more challenging.  There’s something about living through a disaster that impacts and shapes someone’s life.  There is something altogether more challenging when you face it again — especially within such a short span of time...trauma upon trauma.  As we enter into this reality, we understand that there is the need for us to respond with a "force of hope" that can quickly re-tarp and cover homes — bringing peace of mind and spirit.  There is also an even greater need this time around for more emotional and spiritual care.  Spending the time necessary to help residents grieve, process and begin the recovery journey AGAIN is critical at this moment.

All tarps applied by Hope Force withstood the onslaught of Category 2 Hurricane Delta.
Others were not so fortunate.

We believe that there is no better message than the love of God in action, and now is a time that He is calling us to step in to care for those who grieve and struggle.  We have HFI Reservists making their way back to Louisiana to join the relief efforts already underway.  It appears we will be once again be hosted by our church partner in Jennings. Please consider ways in which you can respond to the plight of survivors in Louisiana. Some can go, some will give and all can pray.  Thank you!