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August 2021




In this edition, the stage belongs to our fellow developers colleagues. They share with us what makes them tick and vibrate. <Enjoy!>

Mediapart fights against disinformation

MediaMediapart fights against disinformation

From now on, if we share on Twitter a somewhat old article of Mediapart, its date appears very clearly in the shared image.

Scroll-Linked Animations

CSSScroll-Linked Animations

An article about practical use cases where scroll-linked animations come in handy, and how they can enrich your visitor’s browsing experience.

How to choose a typeface

ConferenceHow to choose a typeface

Webmardi: During this talk, you will learn the technical knowledge to choose the best typeface for your project. See you on September 7 with Daniela Retana from newglyph.


Point of view


Cherish the designer–developer relationship

At Antistatique, we are lucky to be all seated side by side in the same room: project managers, designers, developers, business managers, etc.

That means the context is perfect for reviews and discussion. We regularly discuss the optimal balance of those reviews. What kind of review, how long is too long, when to involve whom, what information is required to be shared. Our duty is to pass along our deliverables the best way possible and make sure we are available for lingering questions and follow-up… Yet time and budget are part of the equation.

Another key aspect of this relationship is communication. Developers here keep track of tasks on GitHub. But we didn't find a way (yet) to make it a good communication channel for us designers (and project managers). Like it is not obvious for a developer to browse through all screens and mockups on Miro or Figma and catch the meaningful information.

And you, what are the topic you discuss with tech teams?

- Noémie


August 2021

This month our developers like

Technology watch

Resources • Tech-watch

Kevin shares with you his source for staying at the forefront of tech news, optimising his time.


Conference • React Advanced

Steven is delighted to attend this conference with a lot of amazing speakers.


Emoji • Emotionality at work

Karen shares with you a new Microsoft feature: 3D emojis! 🐼🗳🎋


Movie • Nomadland

Yann G. recommends the film Nomadland. It deserves its 6 Oscars!

Wizard zines

Comics • Wizard zines

“I've been following Julia on Twitter for a while now. And I really dig her work. She manages to visually summarise fundamental tech concepts into comics. Useful for junior and senior developers!” — Gilles

Blender Guru

Tutorial • Blender Guru

Iris shares with you a great YouTube channel to learn how to use Blender, the Open Source 3D creation software. Discovered following Karen's presentation in our weekly Dev Coffee!


CSS • leading-trim

Nelson has high expectations regarding this CSS property which could drastically change the way vertical spaces are handled for web typography.

User Experience

Podcast • RDV Tech

“A podcast about tech news in general, that I've been following for over 10 years. Making it the oldest podcast on my playlist. I also recommend the newsletter and the other podcasts of its host!” — Yann L.


Quote of the month

"We love our developers ;)"


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