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In this time of isolation, pets can be a welcome source of companionship and love. But scientists believe the new coronavirus jumped from an animal to humans. Plenty of people are wondering: Can my cat or dog get me sick?

The research suggests probably not. Michigan State veterinary epidemiologist Annette O’Connor teamed up with two colleagues to answer questions about the complicated science of pets and the new coronavirus.

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Our pets are always close at hand. Are they at risk during the pandemic? Mayte Torres/Moment via Getty Images

Can your pets get coronavirus, and can you catch it from them?

Annette O'Connor, Michigan State University; Jan Sargeant, University of Guelph; Sarah Totton, University of Guelph

Both cats and dogs can become infected with the coronavirus. The chances of them getting sick or passing it on to you or another animal are extremely low.

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