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The Potter's Village - Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the Potter's Village Newsletter.

Issue 3. 2023

In this Issue

Medical Centre and new ART clinic
Appeal for Wheels - new truck needed!
Appeal for wheels donation page
New Physiotherapist
Pigs, Cows & Sustainable income
New children
Can we visit your church?
Please pray for us

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Medical Centre and new ART clinic

The Medical Centre has continued to offer quality services. However, we still affected by staff turnover. Another clinical officer left and currently we have two. We are in the process of recruiting
another one. The Medical Centre is however still challenged by not having a Doctor on site. Recently it was accredited to run an ART Clinic. 

An ART clinic is a department or unit with the purposes of providing HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support to the most vulnerable population. 

This is one of the steps the Medical Centre has to go through as we continue to lobby for government support. Construction and renovations are being done to create the space tor the ART clinic (see photo). By the end of this month, it will be ready for use.  All the Medical Centre staff have been trained on the management of the ART Clinic.     Idah Kyarimpa                                                                                             

Appeal for Wheels - new truck needed!

Potter's Village is in desperate need of a new pick-up truck. The current pick-up truck was second hand and is used daily to support the work of the charity.  When the Trustees visited in January they saw the need for a new vehicle and Idah has outlined below some of the ways it is used on a weekly basis.  The rural roads are very difficult to navigate and are tough on any vehicle, especially after any rain.  Potter's Village needs a dependant and sturdy pickup to cope with them.  Ways in which we use our vehicle;

1. Going to communities to visits and assess babies homes at the time of admission and towards the time of resettlement.

2. Resettling babies back to their families.

3. Taking babies to and from hospitals when they are at times referred to other hospitals other than PV Medical Centre.

4. Babies are normally transported to court at the time of acquiring care orders. The magistrate always wants to see the babies physically before he grants us the 'care order.'

5. Transports the social workers to communities to follow up cases especially for abandoned babies and at times collecting babies from far communities.

6. Transporting the psychiatric nurse and social worker during home visits and treatment for Psychiatric mothers.

7. It is also used for shopping for baby products and food.

Appeal for wheels donation page

Click on the link below to give via our JustGiving page, or scan the QR code to be taking to our appeal page.  






New Physiotherapist

We are so pleased to be able to write that after a number of years of searching and praying we have a new Physiotherapist (Julius, pictured) who is now leading the care in the Disability Rehabilitation Centre. 

The Unit is now very stable and Julius and Physiotherapy assistants are working well together to provide the best support for these vulnerable children.

The Diocese has also continued to support the unit with equipment like special chairs, walkers, standing frames etc.


Pigs, Cows & Sustainable income

Potter's Village is working hard to provide itself with income from various sources and grow as much food for the children as possible. 

The cows provide milk for the Crisis Centre babies and the piglets are sold to raise money for PV.  The rabbits are very low maintenance as they just eat the mown grass and they are also sold for meat.

The groundsmen do a fantastic job growing as many vegetables as they can to make the babies food.  It really is a team effort from many committed staff.

New children

Admission to Potters Village during the last few months has been very stable.  We have received 3 babies into the crisis centre and we currently have 16 resident children.

Precious was brought to PV because her mother is mentally unwell.  At this time we don't know who will care for Precious once she is big enough to be resettled.

Emmanuel's mother very sadly died during delivery and he was brought to Potter's Village soon after.  It is hoped that he will be resettled with some family when he is ready.

Lucky has recently been re-admitted to Potter's Village. When Lucky was first ready to leave PV he was placed in Foster Care for 6 months.  After that he was resettled back to live with his Uncle.  We had hoped that would be better for Lucky, however Lucky's mother struggles with mental health difficulties and she tried to take him from his Uncles house and began moving him from village to village. 

It was deemed, the safest outcome for Lucky was to be re-admitted to PV for a time and then find a longer term place at a local children's home

If you would like to support one of these babies by becoming a child sponsor, please click on this link to visit our website.  Thank you. 


PV has had an opportunity to have a volunteer in the Crisis Centre. Miriam from Germany (pictured) has offered to take care of babies for 6 weeks. This has been so helpful and a big support to baby carers. She also gave in some funds that have been used to purchase a calf with a hope that after some time, it will supplement the babies’ milk.

We were also blessed to have a volunteer paediatrician doctor who supported Medical Centre. Dr. Lindzey from USA was here for a period of 1 month. (Photograph used with permission)


Can we visit your church?

A team made up of a number of FoPV Trustees and volunteers visited Potter's Village in January this year.  Photo of Trustees and the Ugandan board of Governors.

We have some fantastic presentations and videos made recently. If you would like someone to visit your Church or community group in 2024 to update you on the current and future plans for Potter's Village, then please get in touch with Ruth.

Please pray for us

We thank God for;





  • The arrival of Julius and the work of the Rehab Centre
  • For the Crisis Centre, that it can continue to care for all those babies in need
  • For the Child sponsors making such a huge difference to children's lives
  • The animals and crops at PV and how they help nourish the children and support the project
  • For all those supporters across the world praying and giving to this work.
  • For supporting charities like Health Tree Uganda
  • For the staff and their dedication to this work
  • Volunteers giving up their time to help

Please pray

  • For stability with the economy in Uganda, families are struggling
  • The Medical Centre building work and the new ART clinic
  • For the children re-settled in the community that they may be cared for and thrive.
  • For all staff, whatever their roll that they feel valued and show compassion to all those needing the support of Potter’s Village
  • For the children recently admitted to PV, that they may feel loved despite such a difficult start to life.
  • For Idah (Administrator) and Board of Governors as they manage Potter’s Village
  • Friends of Potter’s Village, that they will continue to have sufficient income and for good stewardship of donated funds.
  • Please pray for the Pick-up Truck appeal
  • That we find more long-term foster carers