As I may have written here before, I got rid of the Twitter app on my phone a year or so back. But the addictive nature of the platform often drags me back for a ‘check’ via my laptop. One such nosey on Monday revealed the new ‘X’ logo, rolled out as Twitter, under Elon Musk, ditched its famous blue bird recognisable to millions.

Like many other moves made since Musk took over, it just struck me as odd. Why junk such a successful brand? Well, perhaps there’s some method to the approach. Cameron Shackell of Queensland University of Technology considers what might be going on.

It’s the middle of the summer holiday season in the northern hemisphere, and that means tourists from across the world are flocking to Europe’s mediterranean region – even amid a record breaking heatwave. But this year may well be the one that forces a wider rethink of people’s travel plans. And we have more on that Spanish election, the aftermath of which is still becoming clear. One thing is certain though: it was far from the triumph for the right that pollsters predicted.

Stephen Khan

Global Executive Editor

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