Is an Economic Answer Right?

So much of our news describes successes and failures in economic terms. People are designated as “consumers”. Solutions for society struggles are sought through economic lenses. And the gap between the rich and the poor grows wider.

The aid sector is also increasingly exploring aid responses in economic approaches with micro finance projects seen as a means to enable people to get out of poverty. This is all very well for those who can adapt and fit into this market approach, but what about those who cannot?

The verse from 2 Thessalonians 3:10 that Paul quotes: If a man will not work, he shall not eat, has been used by those who have resource to chastise those that don’t. Surely he was talking about idleness as opposed to poverty from other reasons?

The importance of job creation and the use of profit for mission are all inspiring approaches to promote.

However, in all of this we need to take some time to reflect on what are Kingdom values and dynamics.

The Bible talks about welfare and sharing without expectation of return. It gives guidance on when not to charge interest on loans. It even goes into details about pledges taken against a loan such as a cloak which needs to be returned at night to keep the person warm.

The importance of human dignity, the joy of work that sustains, the pleasure of being able to earn and share, all need to considered alongside the call to compassion and generosity. Recognition that approaches of aid support need to be changed should not mean excluding those who will not meet the criteria for economic solutions.

Micah represents a space for us to reflect together in the light of Scripture, of the example of Jesus and the discernment of the Holy Spirit. We need to recognise that some of the solutions offered by the world will just not do. In our up and coming Asia Regional Consultation we will be exploring these issues and considering community resilience and health and wellbeing, asking ourselves what kind of church, mission and aid organisations we need today to reflect God’s Kingdom.

As we remember this Easter the amazing sacrifice of Jesus for us all, may this life-transforming truth impact all we say and do.

Grace and peace
Micah Secretariat

SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Just over half of the world’s population now live in cities. That is just over 3.75 billion people. By 2050 it is predicted that this number will rise to 6.5 billion. That is in just 33 years. Imagine the level of planning, building and expansion this entails?

A mega city is any city that has a population over 10 million. In 1990 there were ten mega cities. By 2014 this had risen to 28. This year it has risen to 31 cities  (see list here).

Rural to urban migration is a contributing factor with the search for jobs a key driver. A significant number of people live in unplanned “slum” areas around and within the cities. Extreme poverty is found here.

Creation of safe and sustainable cities will require a concerted effort by all, including affordable housing, service provision, job creation, community cohesion and much more.

See the Sustainable Development Goals and targets here.

What kind of church (ecclesia) do we need for our cities today? Communities who are ethnically and religiously diverse, with transient families moving in and out of the area, multiple languages, vulnerable families need support. Often the support needed is people to walk alongside newcomers so as to ensure they can be included, their needs addressed and introduced to a network of support.

Micah works closely with the International Society of Urban Mission (ISUM) and WEA/Lausanne Creation Care and members who have a focus on urban mission. Here are some resources worth knowing about:

Courses: Newbigin House for Urban Leaders – see more here.

Theology and reflection: David Smith’s book entitled Seeking a City with Foundation: Theology for an Urban World is a great book to work through.

Glenn Smiths Article: The Challenges of Urban Mission – gives some interesting insight and suggested models.

INFEMIT: New Course & Call for Papers

Stott-Bediako Forum 2017 is approaching!

Infemit is calling for papers and presentations for the Stott-Bediako Forum in Ghana in June (29-30). Please click here to fill out the application form. Registration and scholarship applications will be open soon.

* Logistics Information: to be announced closer to date when attendee numbers known. When registering please indicate the number of participants, your name, the name of your organization and your language preferance: English / French or both. Registration for the Forum

New Bible Course

This course invites students to reflect on the identity and mission of the Church from the biblical view, the historical narrative, and the student's personal experience. It seeks to create an integrative platform to grow in skillful articulation of your experience as part of the people of God, towards a more discerning discipleship within your context. Whilst this one has already started, click here for more information on the course for future. 

Please email for any more information, and visit the website here.

Asia Regional Consultation

We are excited about the Asia Regional Consultation that is only a week away! There are already around 150 participants signed up and it promises to be an excellent time of learning, encouragement and refreshing together. Still time for you to join us! Registration closes on 19 April. For more information, click here.

Campaign: It takes a world ...

It takes a world to end violence against children. Violence in all its forms is the biggest issue facing children today, but it doesn't have to be this way. World Vision invites to join this campaign ‘It takes a world to end violence against children’. Together we can catalyse a global movement of people committed to keeping children safe from harm. Its name reflects the fact no one person, group or organisation can solve this problem alone. Kevin Jenkins, President of World Vision, writes more about the heart behind the campaign, here.

For more about the campaign, click here.

To take the pledge to take a stand for children, click here.

Resource: Tearfund Learning Zone Reveal

Tearfund believes that development and resilience to disasters are only sustainable when the process is truly owned and led by communities themselves. However, experience has shown that sometimes, communities may need support to recognise and address issues that would otherwise be ignored or unseen. These are so called ‘hidden issues’ that aren’t talked about because people are ashamed or embarrassed, or because they are issues that are misunderstood. We also recognise that sometimes, technical guidance and input may be needed to complement community empowerment to ensure good practice and prevent
unintended harm. The Reveal Toolkit can help a process of community empowerment become even more effective, by providing tools to help uncover, explore and address hidden issues, and by providing technical advice and support for community actions and projects.

For this excellent resource toolkit to support community transformation developed by Tearfund, click here.

Worth Reading: The West owes a debt to the Congo

As the World Evangelical Alliance and Micah Global approached the UN last month to highlight atrocities taking place in Beni State in the DRC, David Boan reminds us of the bigger picture and history of a country traumatised by the west.

Click here to read the blog post by David Boan.

Worth Watching: Maruwaan Scullard - No longer a slave to fear

A young man once wrecked by addiction and violence, found Jesus one night through miraculous healing, and lived his life forever changed. Maruwaan Scullard's life and story has touched so many lives around the world since his tragic death in South Africa last year. This is a beautiful story of a community who literally loved a young man back to life, and how God intervened in his life. Hear his story here.

Faith2Share Events

Exploring Relevant Sustainable Models of Mission: 26-28 June 2017

This is a pop up Faith2Share Consultation in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For more information see flyer.

Faith to Share Leadership Consultation 2017: 8-12 October 2017

Chiang Mail, Thailand. Faith2Share is a growing network of international Christian mission agencies committed to discipleship, collaboration and emerging mission movements. Join them in Thailand for a leadership consultation. For more information, please visit their site here, or email

Regional School of Reconciliation 2017

The ISOR (International School of Reconciliation) 2017 will run this year in Kiev, Ukraine, with a regional focus.

Dates: 22 May to 1 June 2017

To find our more and to register go to Healing the Nations web site.

Visit the Micah Global site for more here.

Note: this is the ISOR that has been running in Rwanda. We highly recommend this important course.

East Asia Creation Care Conference

The Lausanne/World Evangelical Alliance Creation Care Campaign is hosting a conference entitled: Creation Care and The Gospel.

Dates: 24 to 28 July 2017

Location: Taiwan.

For more information see here.

This initiative has an informative web site 

See also a recent publication entitled: Creation Care and the Gospel: reconcidering the mission of the church.

Vacancies in Tajikistan

Operation Mercy is seeking to appoint for two positions within their Tajikistan Programme:

1) Country Director

2) Associate country Director

To explore what Operation Mercy is doing in Tajikistan see here and to find out more information and request the Job Descriptions, contact Operations Mercy.

Micah Events

Asian Regional Consultation: Integral Mission and the Common Good: 24 - 28 April 2017

Don't miss this gathering in Asia in April. Excellent speakers, challenging workshops, great connecting times and wonderful community. The issues of Integral Mission and the Common Good will be the focus of the time. Click here for more information.

Micha Deutschland Networking Meeting: 28 - 30 April 2017

The Micha Deutschland networking meeting will be held in Stuttgart from 28-30 April 2017. Save this date and keep an eye on our website and newsletter for more information and registration details closer to the time. Click here for more information.

Kenya Integral Mission Conversation: 9 May 2017

The theme is Integral Mission and Reconciliation. We will be exploring how to be people of peace. For more information and to register click here.

Moldova Integral Mission Conversation: 16 May 2017

Micah Moldova Integral Mission Conversation explores the priorities and strategy for Micah in 2017. For more information click here and follow up with Micah National Coordinator in Moldova, Vladimir Ubeivolc.

The Church as an Ambassador for Reconciliation Consultation: 18 - 20 May 2017

Micah Regional Consultation for Eastern Europe and Central Asia in cooperation with INFEMIT Europe, WEA Peace and Reconciliation Network, Studio for Innovative Leadership and the Light of the World Church, will be held in Chisinau, Moldova. This Micah regional hub creates a platform for aid practitioners, missions, missiologists, pastors, civil activists, politicians and business people for a dialogue from an Integral Mission perspective. Important topics, excellent speakers - 'We transform communities together" is the heart behind this gathering, and an opportunity to share best practices, failures and successes. For more information see here.

Uganda Integral Mission Conversation: 26 May 2017

Integral Mission and Restoration: towards community transformation,  is the theme of this gathering in Kampala next month. The venue is the Share An Opportunity Uganda offices. To download flyer see here. Email for more information.

Tanzania Integral Mission Conversation: 30 - 31 May 2017

Seeking Shalom for our community, our cities and our nation is an inspiring vision which can only be reached as we walk together. Integral Mission and Shalom is the theme of the gathering in Arusha in May. Click here for more information.

Brazil Integral Mission Congress: 26 - 29 June 2017

Micah Brazil will hold an Integral Mission Congress from 26-29 June 2017 at the Praia do Canto Baptist Church in Vitoria. The theme of the Congress is: "Paths of Mission: The church and its time". Please save these dates. For more information, click here for the Portuguese version, and here for the English version.

Colombia Integral Mission Conversation: 12 -14 July 2017

Hold these dates in your diary and more information will follow soon.

Zimbabwe: Thinking Theologically: 18 - 22 September 2017

Facilitated by Tearfund UK and EFZ, Micah is planning to hold a National Integral Mission Conversation alongside this important meeting.

United Kingdom Integral Mission Forum: 27 September 2017

We will be exploring how integral mission is impacting the UK. Dr Chris Wright will be speaking. For more information and to register see here.

Zambia: Integral Mission and Reconciliation: 20 - 24 November 2017

Preparation for this Southern African Workshop is underway.

Hold these dates in your diary.

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