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December 13, 2011

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Let's face it. It's been a tough year. With heavy weather (earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods), growing social unrest, high unemployment, and all of the rest of it. But it's also been a year in which increasing numbers of people are paying more attention to the maker movement and its import. We think the two are linked. And this holiday season, more people than ever are talking about buying from small businesses and individual makers/crafters, and making presents themselves. We're thrilled by this and think we can help. Below are some of the Christmas programs we've got going on — perfect for the maker-business shopper and home present-maker. And we're giving away big bucks in free stuff, too! Who doesn't like free? Happy Holidays from all of us at MAKE!                               — Gareth Branwyn


Grown-Up Go-Kart

Dude Draws His Dad

Laser-Cut Ring Light

Chromatic Typewriter

MAKE Plays Secret Santa

The online team has been having a ball giving each other virtual presents. We drew names from a hat and then did posts about our gifts. Above is an image from Sean Ragan's gift post for John Park (an all-glass steam still). Here are all of the Secret Santa posts.

Kit-A-Day Giveaway - w/ MakerBots!

In celebration of the season, and the release of the Make: Ultimate Guide to Kits, every day since Nov 25, we've been giving away kits from the Guide and the Maker Shed. It's nearly $9K in merch, including FIVE MakerBots. Today is one of the MakerBot giveaways and we'll be announcing the winner on tomorrow night's Make: Live! Enter here!

The Gift Singularity

We're counting down to the point of no gift-giving return by doing a series of projects that you can give as presents. We started with more time-consuming builds, like the Arduino-controlled Strandbeest walker seen above and are heading towards quicker and easier giftable fare. You can find all of the Gift Singularity posts to date here.

Park's Picks and Sylvia's Guide

Two of our most beloved MAKE special contributors, John Edgar Park and Super Awesome Sylvia, did gift guides for us this year. John's, called Park's Picks, covers whatever caught Mr. Park's begoggled geek eye. Sylvia's video-based guide surveys awesome kid-friendly science and tech presents.

Make: Ultimate Kits Guide 2012 is Making a Splash

We're generating a real buzz over our special issue, Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012. See a few of the oscillations on Makezine.

Make: Toys and Games Issue

If you haven't checked out our Toys and Games issue of MAKE, Volume 28, what are you waiting for? Along with the Kit Guide, it makes an excellent stocking stuffer!