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19 August 2021

In this edition of Helping Victoria Grow, we highlight important changes in the planning system for extractive industries and shine a spotlight on the benefits that quarried land can provide for the community after quarrying ceases.

Strategic Extractive Resource Areas in Wyndham and South Gippsland

Strategic Extractive Resource Areas (SERAs) are now in place in Wyndham and South Gippsland. SERAs identify and secure extractive resources in the Victorian planning system.

SERAs will help communities better understand where quarries might be in the future, and will also ensure those quarries are better planned for regarding neighbouring development.

Learn more about SERAs here.


The new lives of old quarries

What happens when a quarry comes to the end of its life?

In Victoria, some of our most well-known public spaces sit on the sites of the quarries that were used to build our state. We've developed The New Lives of Old Quarries to tell some of these stories, and highlight how quarry land can be repurposed for uses that benefit our community.

Find out about the new lives of old quarries.


Geoscience sampling to support extractives sector

A number of quarry operations are being visited by the Geological Survey of Victoria (GSV), as part of a new state-wide sampling campaign.

The exercise is designed to fill in some of the gaps in GSV’s datasets and answer questions about the stratigraphic units prospective for extractive resources.

Data acquired from the sampling campaign will be published in GSV’s public reports and databases. For more information about the geological sampling campaign, please contact GSV.


Record quarry production in 2019-20

The 2019-20 Earth Resources Sector Indicators report highlights that Victoria’s resources sector remains strong.

Quarry production exceeded sixty-three million tonnes of sand, rock and gravel in 2019-20 to deliver the material needed to build new homes, hospitals, schools and transport infrastructure.  Over the last six years production of building raw materials has grown by twenty-five per cent.

The video below highlights how an expanding resources sector is a crucial part to delivering investment opportunities and well-paid local jobs across Victoria.

Read the Earth Resources Sector Indicators for 2019-20.

Extractive Industry Priority Project List Update

Since the last update, two priority listed quarry expansions that require planning approval have been approved, bringing the total to twelve.

Click here to find out more about the Priority List.

Victorian Budget 2021-22

The 2021-22 budget recognised the importance of Victoria's quarrying sector, including:

  •  $6.9 million to ensure new quarries can be developed where resources are needed and adequate space around them is not compromised
  • $13.4 million to support the Geological Survey of Victoria to continue its work to attract new investment
  • $10.6 million to help Earth Resources Regulation deliver timely regulatory approvals and improve key processes for industry and businesses
  • $2.4 million to enable further legislative and regulatory improvements across the resources sector.

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