It wasn’t too long ago that Big Business and the GOP seemed inseparable. Companies contributed generously to Republican war chests and in return got lighter regulation and the lowest tax bills in almost a century. But ever since Georgia passed its controversial voter law in March, the two bedfellows almost seem to be at war.

The rift between corporate America and the Republican Party has actually been growing for some time, writes M.K. Chin, who studies how the values of corporate bosses affect their decisions. To understand why companies are increasingly taking stands on hot-button social issues, he suggests looking a little closer at three key groups: CEOs, workers and the public.

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Bryan Keogh

Senior Editor, Economy + Business

Public protests over Georgia’s voting law likely contributed to many companies’ taking a strong stand. AP Photo/Jeff Amy

Why corporate America appears to be drifting away from the Republican Party

M. K. Chin, Indiana University

The growing rift between Republicans and US businesses has widened in recent weeks over efforts to restrict voting across the country.

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