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October 2019


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Trick or treat! We're travelling from inbox to inbox, not with pranks but with design sweets. 

Why consistent writing makes you a better designer

OpinionWhy consistent writing makes you a better designer

Eugen Eşanu, a freelance designer from Amsterdam shares the way he sees writing and the positive effects it has on design-related activities.

The Tech Industry’s War on Kids

PsychologyThe Tech Industry’s War on Kids

Persuasive technologies are reshaping childhood, luring kids away from family and schoolwork to spend more and more of their lives sitting before screens and phones.

Why is this interesting? - The Norman Door Edition

ThinkingWhy is this interesting? - The Norman Door Edition

“On expectations, affordances, and user experience design.” — a kind reminder on Don Norman approach to doors and design qualities.

OMNY branding by Pentagram

BrandingOMNY branding by Pentagram

Michael Bierut and team develop the brand identity and naming for OMNY, the new payment system for transit networks in NYC. 

Vimeo player is now AA compliant on the accessibility ladder

AccessibilityVimeo player is now AA compliant on the accessibility ladder

Since late September, the Vimeo player Today’s updates bring the Vimeo player is compliant with AA standards. Meaning it matches the second level of the WCAG standards. Road is paved for the AAA. We keep our eyes on you Youtube!

Updated Wingo branding by Saffron

BrandingUpdated Wingo branding by Saffron

Saffron worked on a refreshed tone of voice and visual identity to breathe life into a newly 'Simply Unfiltered' positioning. Nice to see Saffron's work for a Swiss company. Can we also ask Wingo to consider working with local branding agencies? :P


October 2019

This month we like

Analogue Pocket, Retro Gaming

Retro GamingAnalogue Pocket

A tribute to portable gaming in the shape of a new multi-video-game system.

Cotype, London-based type foundry

TypographyCotype, London based type foundry

New type foundry in town! Mark Bloom just introduced CoType. 4 fonts (including Aonik) representing 38 weights so far… Via Fresh Fonts.

Sunday Suns, illustrations by Tad Carpenter

DrawSunday Suns, illustrations by Tad Carpenter

Designer, illustrator and partner of Carpenter Collective, Tad publishes lettering and illustration work on Sundays. Enjoy!

Jeu de cartes pour découvrir les biais cognitif

ToolA deck of cards to work on cognitive biases

[FR] Un outil intéressant sous forme de jeu de cartes, créé par Stéphanie Walter et Laurence Vagner, pour aider à découvrir les différents biais cognitifs.

Vice by Metalab, case study

Case studyVice by Metalab

How Metalab helped VICE rethink their mobile web experience. 

Create Your Own Stencil for Pumpkin Carving

CreativityCreate Your Own Stencil for Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins this weekend? You can create your very own carving stencils using Noun Project icons. It’s easy as (pumpkin) pie.

TV série, Bauhaus Arte

TV Show“Bauhaus - Un temps nouveau”

[FR or DE] Cette série documentée et romanesque retrace les débuts de l'école du Bauhaus et permet de nous replonger dans l'histoire du design.

Inside Design

BlogInside Design

This post is NOT sponsored by Invision. We simply find interesting articles and stories on design practice on their official blog.


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